IJRE Alex Rider

In Chapter 7 Alex as Felix Lester is driving to Sayle Enterprises. In the facility he went to a large room with a large aquarium.

He was shocked because he saw the biggest jellyfish he had ever seen. (p. 93 , chapter 7)“It`’s an outsider,” he said. “ It drifts on its own, ignored by the other fish. It is silent and yet it demands respect” ( p. 93 ,chapter 7 )


In this quotation is really interesting, because it describes Herod Sayle. Although Sayle is describing a jellyfish here, it is clear the he is also talking about himself. His form of power is not flasy, but it comes from the shadows.Telling the fourteen-year-old Alex that being killed by his awesome and repulsive jellyfish would be an unforgettable death, shows that Herold Slayle is an inconspicuous figure who does not shrink back from violence and brutality.