IJRE 2/14/20

In Chapter 10 „ the death in the long grass“ of the Alex Rider Stormbreaker,  Mr Grin tried to kill Alex.  Alex had to go on a walk and when he was leaving he saw Mr. Gin just making a call. He followed the footpath  and came to a place with very long gras. Suddenly he heard a sound of quads. Two quads tried to kill him, but he was much cleverer than the driver, so that they were killed by Alex.

„ He was angry with himself because he knew he‘d made too many mistakes. He should have been dead now, he knew“ p.144

I like this statement because Alex is really self-critical. To be self-critical is a very good behavior of a person. Only with thus  characteristic It is possible for Alex to live a life as a spy. This helps him not to be killed in such dangerous situations.