IJRE 15/4/2020 Stormbreaker

In chapter 14 Deep Water, of the book Stormbreaker written by Anthony Horowitz Alex, the spion gets  uncuffs by Vole  and they argue for a while, but she tells him to trust her. Then they go looking for a phone to call Blunt but she tricks him. She pushes a button and he falls with the jellyfish. Vole and Grin taunt Alex for a while and tell him the record for being with the jellyfish is 5.5 hours. Alex almost get stung by the jellyfish, but remembers his zit cream and puts it on metal that holds up the glass. The glass explodes and the Jellyfish land on Vole. An Alarm goes off, nd he sees he only has 1 hour, and he sees the plane take off. Alex makes a plan to get to the plane on time. Alex had a very good training, because he is able to think logical in dangerous situations and he doesn’t get really in panic in dangerous situations.  This demonstrate the next citation:

“Alex—” “What do you want?” Alex recoiled away from heras she leaned over him. Then there was a click, and tohis astonishment, his hands came free. She had un-locked the handcuffs! He stood up, wondering whatwas going on. “Listen to me,” Vole said. The words were tumbling quickly and softly out of her yellow-painted lips.“We do not have much time. I am here to help you. Iworked with your uncle—Herr Rider.” Alex staredat her in surprise. “Yes. I am on the same side as you.” “But nobody told me—” “It was better for you not to know.” “But . . .” Alex was confused. “I saw you with thesubmarine. You knew what Sayle was doing . . .” “There was nothing I could do. Not then. It’s toohard for me to explain. We don’t have the time to ar-gue. You want to stop him or no?” “I need to find a phone.” “All the phones in the house are coded. You can-not use them. But I have a mobile in my office.” “Then let’s go.” Alex was still suspicious. If Nadia Vole had knownso much, why hadn’t she tried to stop Sayle before?On the other hand, she had released him—and Mr.Grin would be back any minute. He had no choice butto trust her. He followed her out of the room, aroundthe corner, and up a flight of stairs to a landing witha statue of a naked woman, some Greek goddess, inthe corner. Vole paused for a moment, resting herhand against the statue’s arm. “What is it?” Alex asked. “I feel dizzy. You go on. It’s the first door on theleft.” Alex went past her, along the landing. Out of thecorner of his eye, he saw her press down on thestatue’s arm. The arm moved . . . a lever. By the timehe knew he had been tricked, it was too late. He yelledout as the floor underneath him swung around on ahidden pivot. He tried to stop himself falling, but therewas nothing he could do. He crashed onto his backand slid down through the floor and into a black plas-tic tunnel, which corkscrewed beneath him. As hewent, he heard Nadia Vole laugh triumphantly, andthen he was gone, desperately trying to find a hold onthe sides, wondering what would be at the end of hisfall. Five seconds later he found out. The corkscrewspat him out. He fell briefly through the air andsplashed into cold water. For a moment he wasblinded, fighting for air. Then he rose to the surfaceand found himself in a huge glass tank filled with wa-ter and rocks. That was when he realized, with hor-ror, exactly where he was. Vole had deposited him in the tank with the giantjellyfish. (p. 191)

I was pretty suprised by this, because I thought that this maybe change the whole book, but it was very clever by Nadine to do that. I think Alex was pretty intelligent to use that cream to go out of this aquarium.  I would be so excited that I couldn’t even think about a Cream that helps you in that situation.


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  1. Simon, I can clearly see improvements in your work. Bravo! Three suggestions: 1) Try to start with a clear assertion, as Jackson does in his April 15th IRJE. 2) When your quotation has paragraph breaks, we should see them just as they appear in the original. 3) Consider whether your quotation might be too long. Include only the part that is needed to support your assertion (which takes you back to #1!).


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