IJRE 1/5/2020 Stormbreaker

In chapter 15 Eleven O’Clock of the book Stormbreaker,  written by Anthony Horowitz,  Alex escapes the house and sees, that Sayle’s private helicopter has already left, but the cargo plane is still there. Alex knocks out a guard, steals his gun and jeep and drives towards the plane. Attaching the yo-yo to his belt and wrapping the yo-yo string around the harpoon, which he has taken of Sayle’s home, he drives closer to the plane and shoots the harpoon into it. He is drugged out of the jeep and  his yo-yo reels him in. Opening the back door, Alex goes inside to find Mr. Grin flying the plane. Then  Alex pulls out the gun and threatens Mr. Grin, who is ordered by Alex to head to the science museum in South Kensington, London.

Alex is surprised even by himself how easy it is to get the upper hand in this situation and to threaten another person with a gun without scruples. With his confident presence and the gun in his hand, Alex acts like an adult and gives exact instructions.

Alex raised the gun. He wondered if he would have the courage to use it. But he wasn’t going to let Mr.Grin know that. “All right, Mr. Grin,” he shouted above the noise of the propeller and the howl of the wind.“You may not be able to talk, but you’d better listen. I want you to fly this plane to London. We’re going to the Science Museum in South Kensington and we’ve got to be there in less than an hour. And if you think you’re trying to trick me, I’ll put a bullet in you. Do you understand?” Mr. Grin said nothing. (P. 208)

This quote shows that Alex does justice to a super agent in this book and his abilities are already perfectly trained. Certainly many young people wish to be like Alex.



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  1. Simon, your growing confidence with the language continues to impress me. Well done!


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