Idrje, DEC 1st

Sam has lost track of time but assumes that it is his third week stuck in the concentration camp. Sam woke up to the guards doing a bunk check. Security was extra tight that morning for some reason. But it wasn’t long till they figured out why.

It had to be the Yanx! They were fearless and always flew the daylight missions. I judged the bombers about thirty miles away. I also counted hundreds 

This quote stuck out to me because This was the tiurning point for many other soliders that were stuck inside of Germany. I can’t imagine living in the circumstances that they lived in for three weeks. The amount of joy that the soliders must have felt when they saw this view must have been imence. 


2 thoughts on “Idrje, DEC 1st”

  1. Hi Jackson,
    I like how you expressed how the quote affected you and how you put yourself into the soldiers’ shoes.

  2. Jackson,

    I like the quote you chose for the same reason. The treatment in these camps were terrible and 3 weeks does not sound like a long time, but under he circumstances the people were living it can feel like eternity. You express yourself good the only tip I have is to reread the text to prevent unnecessary mistales like the spelling of soldiers.


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