IRJE: The Silent Patient

In chapter 2 of “The Silent Patient”, the author uses a third person view to talk about the story. He explains the story of Alcestis and provides more detail of Alicia.

But I’m going too fast. I’m getting ahead of myself… I should introduce myself, but perhaps not quite yet; after all, I am not the hero of this tale. It is Alicia Berenson’s story, so I must begin with her.

Again, the author uses great imagery to make it easy to picture what is going on in the story.

She is naked. Her body is rendered in unsparing detail: strands of long hair falling across bony shoulders, blue veins visible beneath translucent skin, fresh scars on both her wrists.

The author revealed more detail about Alicia’s emotions, making the reader get a grasp of what’s going inside her head.

I could divine neither innocence nor guilt in her expression… She didn’t cry once throughout the trial—a fact made much of in the press—her face remaining unmoved, cold. Frozen.

In my opinion, Gabriel must’ve done something that made Alicia murder him. I don’t think she would murder him for no reason at all. In the story, some people criticized her, and some felt empathy towards her. The author doesn’t give us readers the answer to what happened, so we have to infer why she did it. Even thought I’m only at chapter 2, the book got me hooked and makes me want to find out what will happen.