IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo Faber, a 42 year old psychotherapist chose this line of work because he wanted to heal himself; but when Indira (the interviewer) asked him why he chose this job, he lied and told her he wanted to help people. Theo’s childhood wasn’t the best. His father would often rage and hurt him. He would try to run, but his father would always catch him and whip him with his belt.

My Father’s unpredictable and arbitrary rages made any situation, no matter how benign, into a potential minefield… The house shook as he shouted, chasing me upstairs into my room.. But his hand would grab hold of me, drag me out to meet my fate. The belt would be pulled off and whistle in the air before it struck…

Even though Theo eventually left the house, he couldn’t forget his father. He always thought by leaving he would forget about his past. He was in so much pain, he tried to suicide by buying paracetamol. When he failed to suicide, he went and found a psychiatrist named Ruth. After having therapy for several years, Theo walked out of the pain and trained as a psychotherapist. After training, he went for an interview, and successfully got a job as a psychotherapist.