idrj sapiens chapter 19

Sapiens, A Brief History of Human Kind, is a novel by the brilliant Yuval Noah Harari. Chapter 19 “And They Lived Happily Ever After” the second to last chapter. Harari explains that in the previous 500 years, we have witnessed a breathtaking series of revolutions. Economically, scientifically, ecologically, historically and psychologically; the daily life of humans has changed. But With all this growth, one question still arises.


“But are we happier?”


Prof. Harari allows us to contemplate the idea that with the most knowledge and possessions we’ve ever had, our happiness has not yet increased. With increased consumption rates and the ability to do more than we’ve ever done before why is something such as happiness, something we consider so important not yet grown. An answer is never indeed given to Harari’s question, whether one doesn’t exist, I’m not sure.