IRJE #4 (Dual Version)

In my book Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch the main character Liv is still visiting her father in Santorini. Liv was forced by her mom to spend her summer break to hopefully connect with her father after their divorce. During her stay she hasn’t been the most open minded with the idea of having her father back in her life. Initially Liv had disregarded the thought of seeing her dad again but the more time she spends in Santorini the more she starts to warm up to her father. In Liv’s past her and her father would dream of discovering the lost city of Atlantis together. When livs dad moved back to Santorini she felt abandoned and tries to forget the thought of Atlantis and her dad. In this quote her father is doing a documentary about the Atlantis, you can see that even thought she has turned a blind eye to Atlantis she still has some longing for it.

“He hadn’t looked at his notes once. He hadn’t even paused. And he’d quoted Pleto like he was someone he met up with once a week for coffee. Listening to him I latched on to every word, every rise and crackle of his voice. He had completely sucked me in.” (p.230)

 This is an important part because liv had always tried to push away her feeling toward her father. It his paragraph you can see some feelings of trust “I latched on the every word, every rise and crackle of his voice”, and her feeling of letting go toward her past thoughts “He had completely sucked me in”. I feel like after this important paragraph she finally started to trust her father and became more optimistic towards her new life, including her father again.

I am still continuing reading the book Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch where the main character Liv was forced by her mom to spend the summer break in Santorini to reunite with her father. Liv used to have a good relationship with her father, they would dream of one day discovering Atlantis together. After the divorce her father had moved away and they haven’t seen each other for years. This broke little Liv’s heart and ever since then Liv had shut her father and their shared love for Atlantis away. Liv had tried to forget her loving memories with her dad, because she felt betrayed that he left her behind. However, the longer she was visiting her father on Santorini, the more she realized that being around him made her aware of how much of an influence he had on her.

“Listening to him, I latched on to every word, every rise in crackle of his voice. He had completely sucked me in. One minute I’d been sweating it out with the rest of the residents with modern Thira, and the next I was transported back in time to the moment when it had all changed. I had heard the panic of the Minoans waking in their beds, confused, then running for their lives. I’d smelled the sulfur. I’d felt the impending rush and terror of the tsunami. I’d been there.” (p. 230)

In this quote you can see that even though Liv had closed her heart towards her father and their love of Atlantis she still has hope to return to her childhood adoration of her father and the shared dreams they had.

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