I am Algonquin Part 2 – IRJE

In I AM ALGONQUIN, by Rick Revelle, Wagosh and Makwa were cutting down trees to make food for their dogs and friends. They were part of a hunting group, who went out regularly to hunt animals for food. They had recently killed a large moose and were gradually bringing it home to their family’s. But as they traveled ever so closer to their home, one of their dogs had begun to growl, and in front of the dog was their worst fear.

“Sound carries a long distance in the wintertime, and I was wary that the echoes of this kill would bring unwanted attention.” . . .   (p. 19)

The quote above was spoken by a character named Mahingan. I find it important because it tells us how even the slightest amount of sound could bring unwanted attention to Mahingan and his fellow hunters. They needed the moose they had killed to feed their families, and without it, there would only be a small number of rations to eat. It had taken them quite some time to find the moose and successfully kill it, this was because of the bad weather. If they were to lose their kill to another predator much stronger than them, who knew how long it would take for them to find more food?