In I AM ALGONQUIN, by Rick Revelle, within a shelter, a man named Mahingan wakes up clueless to where he was. After some time he realized that he was with his hunting group, lying inside the shelter they had made. The hunting group was made up of five warriors, two youthful boys, and three energetic dogs. It was the winter season, but because there was so little snow, hunting was difficult for the group.

“Without deep snow to slow the animals down and tire them out, we were having a gruelling time trying to hunt them with our lances and arrows”. (p. 13)

I find the quote above important because it is referring to the struggle the warriors are facing, which is gathering food for their family. This difficulty arises because of the lack of snow outside. With the struggle at hand, the warriors don’t give up and continue to search. In time, because of their determination to continue, they were able to find a moose and kill it.