I am Algonquin – 2 IRJE

In I AM ALGONQUIN, written by Rick Revelle, Mahingan the hunter encounters his worst fear amongst the woods.  Throughout the trees, Mahingan and his fellow hunters notice shadows slowly creeping towards them. They were in the Nippissing territory hunting for food. Earlier they had successfully killed a large moose which was needed for not only them but for their families back home. The winter had made food difficult to find, the Nippissing wanted the moose carcass and they were not going home without it. Mahingan and the other hunters acted as if they had not seen the threat and carried on moving the animal across the thick snow, this was all part of their plan to make it out alive.

“We had planned it so the moose carcass would be between us and out attackers for cover.” (p. 22)

The quote above is important because it shows us the strategic skills Mahingan and the other hunters have. They had planned to use the moose carcass, because of its sheer size, to act as a wall of protection between them and the Nippissing hunters. Both hunting groups needed the moose so that their families would not starve, and they were willing to give their lives for it.