PW #1 – How we celebrate Christmas in my family

In my family is almost tradition that every holiday all of the family gets together in the house of a relative for dinner. On Christmas we celebrated with a dinner with all the family on a house of a relative almost ever years is on my house, so we decorate a lot. Every Christmas we decorate the same just in different colours, the best one was when the theme of the tree decoration was candies, but because the theme was candies there where lots of glitter and it was really messy when we started decorate it, but it was worth it. 

My mom, dad and grandma made some of the food like turkey, spaghetti, and the main dishes. Other family members brought sweet desserts to cooperate. We have a game that is tradition between my family, the game is about you get a random name of any family member that is going to be present and you have to buy a gif for that person, but without let it them know, then the night of Christmas you have say things to describe the person you got to give the gift and the other have to guess for who is it, but we have another game that you make prank gift and you put it on a table full of others prank gifts at the end of the night you have to grab one that you like, but someone can stole it from you if they want, when the game is over you can open the gifts that you stole or you got and sometimes may be good things like valuables things and others can be just a empty can of beens.

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