‘How Can You Wish for Someone You Do Not Trust?’: Independent Reading Journal Entry

In The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princesby Soman Chainani, Sophie and Agatha from the Woods Beyond arrive at the Schools only to find that they have been transformed to schools for boys and girls. The Dean told the two friends that for the schools to be reversed, they both had to wish for each other and mean it.

She gazed at Sophie. “How can you wish for Agatha if you know she wants her prince?”

The Dean turned to Agatha. “How can you wish for Sophie if you fear the witch inside?”

“How can you wish for someone you do not trust?” (p.88)

The Dean’s dialogue shows that she wanted to spite Sophie and Agatha to hold grudges against each other and therefore cause distrust in the friendship. The thought of her best friend betraying her would shatter Sophie and Agatha still doesn’t know if her best friend really changed from being a vengeful witch worthy to be wished for. This quote clearly shows a crack in their relationship, and therefore was easy for the Dean to hurt them even more.

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