Hollow: Part #1

The morning sun beams at my eyes. The cautious wind from the open window sails along my body. The breeze left behind the scent of a lively orange tree from the backyard. The world spins as I sit up on my bed. I screamed into the vast emptiness of the house. No sounds were to be heard; a few seconds later, I found my voice echoing off the walls of the building. I step out of the bed. The cold wooden floor haunts the warmness of my foot; leaving again, nothing but emptiness behind. 

I step downstairs and out the door. I am once again greeted by the wind. I feel the wind piercing through my body, leaving the cold inside. I make my way to my backyard. It is very weird that I feel everything; including the grass touching the surface of my foot and the dirt rubbing onto the soles. I can feel the temperature and humidity of the air, as it passes through my head and stomach. I have never felt this free and refreshing as if my body is hollow. I stand in the middle of my yard, staring at the vigorous sunlight; with the warmth absorbed into my body. How peculiar. 



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