Hockey provincials in Kelowna

Last year around June, my hockey team and I (U15 Reign Rep) went to Kelowna to participate in the BC provincials. We all took a bus together on the way to Kelowna, which was very fun, but very long. There is 18 of us, 2 goalies 9 forwards and 6 defense. We arrived at the hotel we were staying at in Kelowna and everyone’s energy was high. We all checked into our rooms, got ready and went to dinner all together. Once we finished dinner we went back to our hotel, and we all hung out for the rest of the night until we went to bed. In the morning we got up very early at 6am for an 8am game. We all met down in the lobby and left in the bus carrying our gear. It was about a 15-minute drive to the arena, so we listened to music and got mentally prepared for our game. We arrived at the rink, and all walked in together; wearing our matching black tracksuits and Nike runners we lay our bags of gear down on the floor of our change room. As we warm up outside the rink, we get a good look at all the other teams warming up for their games. Time goes by and we are all ready to go on the ice, our coaches come into our dressing room, and they give us a pep talk before going on. We won our first game against Castlegar. In between games we all went to Subway to eat before going on and playing again. Our second game was against Prince George. From what we have heard they weren’t a very strong team, so we went into the game thinking we were going to win. We lost. Everyone’s mindsets changed, and the mood was low. We spent the rest of the night upset with our actions of play, but we still made the most of Kelowna, and we went out for dinner and went to bed.

The next day was the final battle of our pool division. Against Surrey, we’ve played these girls before and have only beaten them twice in our regular league games. They are a tough team to compete against but that wasn’t going to stop us. Our game was a little later in the day, so we still had majority of our time to hang out with our team. Our coaches surprised us in the morning with rock climbing and a party bus to go and tour Kelowna. We spent the morning just spending time and having fun with each other, knowing that our next game could be the last game we play together. The day went by quick with fun activities. We arrived at the arena with our palms sweating and legs shaking. The whole warm up went by very smoothly and we were ready to play. Adrenaline flowed through our bodies as we waited for our coaches to be done talking. Suddenly we hear a buzzer outside our dressing room; it’s time to go on. The whole game we played great and right up until the timer it was a tie game. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. It was my line out next, for the last line of the game. WE SCORED! We beat the hardest team in the league! everyone was ecstatic and excited to be moving onto the next round of provincials.

A few hours later of celebrating we went back to the arena to see the results of our pool division. To our surprise they put Prince Georges name in front of ours; they beat us. We were done. We were all devastated and sad but at least we had a good season with the girls

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