Golf Achievements

I have been golfing for 2 years now. I played a little when I was younger, but not competitively. Golf is a sport that takes a long time to learn, I have been practicing as much as I can for the time being. I have learned that it takes a lot of precision, technicality, and time. The game is very mentally draining, frustrating, and you want you quit at times, and I have been there and if not, I still am. But since I have been playing, I have had 2 coaches, and the coach I am with now, has changed my game a lot. Since I have been training with him, I went up north to Prince George, and participated in the BC Summer Games. And by the end of the games, I finished second, which was a super big accomplishment for me, and I was proud that I was even able to qualify and compete in this tournament. Since I started playing golf, I have been competing in local tournaments called Callaway Junior Tours, in these tournaments you don’t win anything, and you are pretty much just learning the environment of tournaments. 1 month ago I also won first, at a club championship at Highland Pacific. This was also a highlight of my golfing career so far, because to be thinking I have only been playing 2 years and have completed these achievements, is pretty cool. By the end of my golfing career, I want to try and get a golf scholarship to UBC because they have a super good golf team for girls. I will be training as much as I can to achieve this.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

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