People receive gifts throughout their life. A gift is an item you give to someone you care about. Gifts are expected to be freely given. When giving a gift, you should not assume that you will get one in return. You receive gifts from friends, family and from those who care about you. They are most often given on Christmas or Birthdays. Whether a gift is given during these important times of the year, or on any special occasion, it is sure to make a person smile. Gifts bring happiness to a person. Not only because of the gift but because it shows that someone cares about you. The person giving the gift wants you to be happy, and they want you to realize that you are special. It doesn’t matter if the gift is expensive or not. What matters is how the gift makes you feel on the inside as either the giver or recipient.

If someone does not give you a gift, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. People who feel the need to give a gift will do so. I feel that if you assume that someone doesn’t care about you because they didn’t give you a gift makes you a bad person. The thing is, not all people like receiving gifts. Yes, it may make them happy but at the same time, it may make them feel bad about themselves. Since they may not have a gift to give in return. If it is your birthday, you are not expected to give gifts. Rather accept them. If it is Christmas, people usually receive and give presents. But again, when someone gives you a gift, they don’t expect you to return the favour. It is up to you. If you feel like giving them a gift as well, then go ahead.

Throughout my life, I have received many gifts. Receiving a gift makes me feel happy.  What I love about giving gifts is seeing the person’s reaction to my gift. Seeing their eyes light up and a smile coming across their face makes my day. Their happiness is what I live for. I love to make people happy and giving gifts is just one of the ways I can do that. I remember earlier this year during the Christmas season, I had bought a packet of Lindor chocolates. As a gift for one of my teachers. Upon handing my gift to my teacher he had rejected my gift for a specific reason. He did not like eating sugar. I continued to try and persuade him to take my gift. But he wouldn’t. At that moment, I felt quite annoyed inside. I ended up giving the chocolates to the teacher common room for them to share.

On Christmas day, I remember wrapping a gift for my cousin. I had decided to use a light blue wrapping paper and add a dark blue ribbon to make it stand out. I had written my name in sharpie and ended up smudging it with the side of my hand. After handing the gift to my cousin I felt uneasy. Seeing my cousin feeling the present with his hands, and hearing the sound of the paper tearing was suspenseful. Within me, I was hoping he would like the gift. When he had taken the gift out he looked at it for a second and then looked at me. A smile across his face. He got up, hugged me and said: “Thank you, brother!”

The best gifts are not always expensive, what matters is the effort, kindness and love someone puts behind the gift.


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  1. “Hi, Arman, I find this post very sweet and wholesome. I can 100% relate to the suspense of giving someone a gift and hoping they enjoy it. Good job!!!!!!!!!!”


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