Flight to India – Part 2

On the plane, my family and I sat together in the same row. As we were getting comfortable in our seats we heard the captain’s voice on the speaker. He was telling us to make sure that we have our seatbelts on and to enjoy the flight. At 9:10 am the plane began to move quickly down the open lane and took off. I looked out the window with my back pressed against the seat and saw the plane rising higher and higher into the sky. Looking down at the airport from within the plane made it look quite small. In some time the plane reached the required altitude and I felt my back ease from the seat. Then again we heard the captain’s voice: Please remove your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. Enjoy? I laughed when thinking of the word because my past experiences being on a plane were far from being enjoyable…

There were all these small things that irritated me on a plane. Like when the flight attendant brings the cart filled with food and drinks around and ends up skipping your row. Or when a baby starts crying and you realize you left your headphones in your handbag above your seat. Another thing I hate is personal space. Almost always, the person sitting in front of me decides to recline their seat into my face and when I try to do the same, it turns out the seat I’m in doesn’t even recline…



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  1. Hello! I enjoyed your writing. I liked how you use lots of detail. It makes the writing interesting to read.


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