Finding Perfect – Keeping it together inch by inch:

The book Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz is about a 14-year-old teenager; Molly, and her journey navigating the troubles of OCD. She lives with her dad and brother, and her mum lives in another country. As she is feels responsible for her brother and having trouble hiding her increasing OCD from her friends and family, and the pressure of the “Poetry Slam” she’s competing in, she has a hard time to live the “normal” teenage life that she should be.

In chapter 16, there’s a poem she wrote saying;

I know I’m not the girl I used to be

I don’t know what’s happening to me

The sting of hurt it burns my eyes

I organize and tell more lies

Share my fear, it’s not forbidden

To tell the truth that’s deeply hidden

Someone find me, where did I go?

Can you see me? I need to know. (Pp.103)

I found this relatable and significant because it’s a feeling many teenagers experience. Although I don’t have OCD, I understand the feeling of being lost or having changed and not knowing why. Many teenagers experience this feeling because of the pressures we face from society to fit into a “cookie cutter” human. When it says, “Someone find me, where did I go?”, I relate to that part in particular, because I often feel as though I have no clue what I’m doing or who I am anymore. It also can be very difficult to feel like you are enough, and no matter how much extra work I do, or how hard I try I’m never enough, the part in the poem that says, “Can you see me? I need to know.” Is very impactful because it’s her asking if what she’s doing is enough, and also if they can tell that she has OCD. Overall this book is a very relatable book for me in the sense that it’s about a teenage girl struggling her way through high school while facing her own set of challenges, and not asking for help.

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