English Reflection, comparison, WW1 blog post

 In this Reflection I will compare a film and two writing pieces. They Shall Not Grow Old, All Quiet on the Western Front and Soldier’s Home. These pieces of literature are all about World War one. Each impact me differently.  

For example, In the book All Quiet on the Western Front, it focuses mostly on time spent on the front lines whereas Soldiers Home is about after the war.  Both stories make me aware and sad about the brutal conditions each soldier had to suffer through the war then coming home and struggling to feel like they belong. Reading both writings helped me understand the mentality of a soldier through descriptions. 

However, the film, They Shall Not Grow Old uses imagery to allow the viewer to experience the atrocities of the war such as the soldier’s conditions and circumstances. There are many videos of trench life in the film. You can see the rats, dirtiness, and sickness cursing through everyone who had to live there. Survivors of the war spoke during the film talking about their involvement. Several explained the constant danger of being shot in the trenches by snipers. Each soldier is forced to accept this circumstance and continue with their jobs. After the war it is mentioned how weird it felt to stand up straight in the trenches. 

Being able to see the images of war and hearing veterans speak rather than imagining them from descriptions gives me a new level of empathy for the soldiers who fought. All of them educate me about WW1. 

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