Dragon’s Egg

In Dragon’s Egg, written by Sarah L. Thomson, we follow the life of a young dragon keeper named Mella, this character is a good representation of a brave and fearless young woman. One day Mella came across a cave. Within the cave, there was a small but bright fire that was created by a dragon. A dragon’s egg had been placed upon the fire, surrounded by coals. Mella had heard stories in the past, about huge fire-breathing dragons. However, the size of the egg could not compare to the eggs of the smaller dragons she took care of at her family’s restaurant.

“It was black and glossy, large enough that she had to cradle it in two hands, and so hot she could feel it even through the dragonhide. Was it just a rock worn smooth by the water in the stream? It must be. But even so, it was beutiful. Fascinated, Mella watched as colors seemed to shift and swim beneath the dark surface–pine green, molten red, the deep blue of a sky on a clear day when the last light is fading. She’d found a treasure in the cave after all.” (p. 25).

I find this quote significant because even though Mella was on her own she still went into the cave. Finding what looked like a dragon egg did not frighten her. It only made her more curious. I believe that with Mella finding the Dragon’s Egg, it helped show us the kind of character she was. A brave and strong young woman.   


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