Cyberbullying has become a huge problem in today’s world, especially amongst  teenagers. “Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge”(unknown). Cyberbullying is a form of using electronic communication to threaten a person. Cyberbullying can scar someone for life, the person may suffer from many types of problems such as depression, anxiety, humiliation and isolation. Due to cyberbullying, the victim starts isolating themselves from society as they would never be viewing internet and people the same way again, suicidal thoughts run through their mind and cause them to give up on life. Bullying is not a reflection of the victim’s character but a sign of the bully’s lack of character. Societies should gather, dicuss and help victims that have been bullied. People wish to bully others because they might be insecure about themselves and do not wish to talk about it. Cyberbullying can be tackled by distancing yourself from the situation and not responding or reacting to the bully. Ask your elders for help- save the evidence and try talking to an elder as they would always be there to help you. If you see someone being bullied in any form, take action and try helping them out, standup for yourselves and others as it might really help them and change their entire perspective about humanity.


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  1. Wow… This is such a big problem and it’s so heartbreaking. Your PW is very well written, it uses good language, and it’s very informative! A small note I have is to break it up into smaller paragraphs, so it’s easier to read and stay focused, because sometimes longer text can be intimidating. Otherwise, it’s super good, like always!


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