Personal Writing

    Last spring break my family and I went on a trip to Maui. When we arrived at the airport in Maui, we got on a little trolly that took us to a car dealership where we got our car, a Mustang GT. As we were loading our luggage in the trunk of the convertible, we realized not all the suitcases would fit and that we would have to put them in the back seat of the car. The problem with this is that the inside of a Mustang GT is not very big. The back of the car only has two seats and there is not a lot of extra room. My dad was wondering if we should switch the car for another one. After a lot of shoving, we managed to fit all the suitcases in the trunk except for two. We opened the roof of the convertible and stacked the two suitcases between my brother and me in the back seat and put the roof back on. My brother and me were squished in the back seat. My head was touching the roof, my knees were pressed against the seat in front of me and I was pressed against the side of the car with a suitcase pressed into the other side of me. It was a very long drive to the hotel. The next day we went for a drive down this road that ran along the ocean, through a jungle, and by cliffs. The ocean was a vibrant turquoise, and you could smell the salty smell of it in the air. The road wound through a jungle that was full of birds, their cheering bird songs drifting through the air. The tall trees were full of vines that twisted and snaked throughout their branches and dangled down the sides of it like thick pieces of rope. The air was hot and humid and full of the fresh smells of the jungle and the ocean. As we drove around a bend in the road, you could see tall cliffs jutting out into the ocean, big waves crashing against rocks and shooting up a spray of water. The hot sun shined down on us while wind rushed against us, the perfect balance between hot and cold. The car was definitely worth it.

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