Comparison of They Shall Not Grow Old, All Quiet on the Western Front and Soldier’s Home

They shall not grow old was a movie created in 2018. This movie, along with All Quiet on the Western Front and Solder’s Home, all depict the struggle soldiers had coming home after the war ended. Krebs had trouble telling people how he truly felt, Baumer struggled to reconnect with his past life, and the British soldiers found it hard to find jobs after the war.

All Quiet on the Western Front focuses in depth on what life was truly like in the front lines, while the short story Soldier’s Home focuses on focuses on life after the war. The movie They Shall Not Grow Old on the other hand uses very gory imagery to drive home how scary it really was on the front lines. Everything from charging into the German frontlines, to even sitting in your trench, praying you don’t get sniped in the head. You were never, ever safe no matter where you were.

Overall, these three pieces of literature focused on 3 different topics, which broadened my range of WW1 knowledge exponentially.

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