Comparison of Soldier’s Home and All Quiet On The Western Front

Once we have read both stories (Soldiers home and All quiet on the western front), and we have all the aspects in which they are similar, and the aspects in which they are differences between the two protagonists; Paul and Krab.
The first thing that can be appreciated as similarity is that both stories talk and deal with the war and the experiences of soldiers in it.

Between these two main characters there are similarities and differences, but let’s start with the similarities. The two main characters in each story are part of their respective armies. Something they both have in common, and almost all soldiers who have gone to war is the fact that they don’t want to remember it for anything in the world, they both have traumas and nightmares about it, neither of them want to remember the subject and try to avoid it. Just thinking about her scares them and they don’t want to go back there.

Now I will talk about the differences between the protagonists of these stories. Although both were in the army they are not in the same combat sector, since Paul enlisted for the common army and Krab is in the marines. Apart from this difference, they also did not belong to the same side and therefore not to the same army either. Krab was on the American side as a marine, while Paul was in the German common army. But definitely the biggest difference is the ending that each character has, as Paul dies in the war while Krab manages to stay alive and survive.

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