Comparison of Krebs and Baummer

When reading and analyzing the book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque and the short story Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway I noticed many similarities and differences between the two kinds of literature. Paul Baummer from All Quiet on the Western Front and Harold Kerbs From Soldier’s Home both fought during WW1 on different sides. The most obvious this that is common in both stories is that both men faced trauma and trouble living life normally after their experience in the conflict of war. We can see that the book about Paul Baummer explains how his full war experience was including his time at home but the other book about Harold Krebs only talks about his time at home. 



What was different between Krebs and Baummer was that Krebs found that the energy that he felt in the state of life or death was making him want to go back to fight but Baummer wanted to stay home or not even come home because his mother was sick.a similarity that they had was when  Krebs also explains that he has nothing to do at home and he is no use to anyone, for example, on page 2 it says “ reading on the front porch until he became board” this shows that Krebs didn’t have anything to do and he was just wandering around bored. 


comparably in All Quiet on the Western Front Paul is also very bored and has nothing to do when he gets home because after the war there is nothing for him to do, he can’t work nor go back to school, and nothing can be the same ever again and Paul knows that for example:” on chapter 7 Paul talks about opening his books at home that he use to be able to read but he just can’t read them or connect to them as he use to before”. 


Another thing that was similar between them is that their fathers always wanted to know about the war but neither Krebs nor Paul can answer it because of the traumatic war experience that they had, it is evident that what they both faced was very scary for them and affected the mentally and emotionally affecting their lives. this caused them to have distant relationships with their loved ones nor make new connections with others because of their difficulty communicating, in conclusion, we see that both characters struggled with returning to their old lives.

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