They shall not grow old is a documentary about World War I and soldiers’ experiences of it.  All quiet on the western front and Soliders home are texts about two individuals and their memories and stories. There are some similarities between these three. For example, TSNGO* and AQOTW*F showed also a good side of war when soldiers had fun and a great time with their friends.  But also when they feared for their own life and were scared of the shells. Few of the veterans from TSNGO said that they felt joy when they succeeded in their attack on the Jerries which refers more to the Soldier’s home – Krebs enjoyed the war and its adrenalin. But what all of the documents and texts had in common was the weird feeling on the first front, without sleep and always looking behind your back if there aren’t any shells flying on you. And when the soldiers got home, it wasn’t their home anymore.

*TSNGO – they shall not grow old.                                                                                     *AQOTWF – all quiet on the western front

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