Comparing & contrasting They Shall Not Grow Old

They shall not grow old is a documentary on the First World War. It was directed and produced by one Peter Jackson in 2018. It has footage that has been colourised and interviews of servicemen play over the footage. Some of the servicemen have the same feelings about the war as Baumer and some the same as Krepps. In the documentary it shows both the good and the awful parts in the war. Like in All Quiet on the Western Front, there were times where the soldiers would be fooling around with eachother and having a good time until they had to go over the trench and rush the enemies, that is when the soldiers were filled with fear and anger and they used that to fuel their attacks. In chapter 9 of All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul kills a man with a knife, he sits there beside the dying man for hours, feeling bad and trying to save the man. One of the servicemen in They Shall Not Grow Old describe having the same experience.

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