Cinder IRJE/Oct 15

Cinder is now healed. Dr. Ender has a vision of what is going to happen in the future, so he decides to get Cinder’s bloodline. When he finally gets it Cinder says that she might need to help Queen Levana, so that’s the moment that Dr. Ender tells Cinder who is her family. 

He pulled his hat off. “I’m sorry, Cinder. I should have gone about this a better way. Yes, your mother is dead. I do not know who your father is or if he is alive. Your mother was, shall we say…known for her promiscuity.”

She felt her hopes shrivel. “Oh.”

“And you have an aunt.”

“An aunt?”

Dr. Erland squeezed the hat in both hands. “Yes. It’s Queen Levana.”

Cinder blinked at him.

“My dear girl. You are Princess Selene.”

This quote gives me a feeling of sadness but at the same time a feeling of relieve, because, in one part it is sad that you don’t know your family and when you get a notice about it they tell you some important members of your family died. On the other hand, it finally relieves you and you now know who are you and who your parents were or are. Cinder noticed that she was really trying to help her dead mom and that she is the princess.