Christmas is and will forever be my favorite holiday. I love Christmas , it brings me so much peace. I love all the things related to Christmas, the decorations, the music, the snow, colors, especially the food, the desserts, the games and the traditions, everything. Since I was little I have loved the tradition of waking up early and going to the Christmas tree to open Santas presents. As well the tradition of putting the letter on the Christmas tree with cookies and a cup of hot milk for Santa. I remember that I used to have an elf that supposedly Santa gave to me to take care of me and her job was to tell Santa if I misbehave. I used to take my elf everywhere with me, but it had to go back before the 25 so I leave my elf the night of the 24 by the Christmas tree and the next day she was gone but I had Santas presents. I still put my Santas letter by the tree because I have two little brothers so my family wants me to keep the Christmas spirit for them, and I have fun doing it because it reminds me of my childhood. Now my favorite moment is the family dinner, all my family meets in my house and we eat together and play games, also sometimes we make an exchange between us, thats really fun. I’m so excited for this years Christmas and I can’t wait to see my family.

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