Within life, we are often faced with making choices. Our choices control what happens throughout our day. They are continually there to keep us thinking. Sometimes even a simple choice can make us overthink things.

People often struggle with making the right choices in life. We frequently try to do what’s best for ourselves and not for others. Choices can show what kind of person we are. My cousins sometimes invite me to parties. However, choosing if I should go or not is always difficult. Whether or not I choose to go, the outcome of my choice can show the type of person I am inside. Either insecure or outgoing.

I have learned that the choices we make can easily change our lives. We have to understand that even the smallest choices we make can change the way we think, feel, and view what happens throughout our day. Our friends play an important role in our lives. Friends can influence you to make the right or wrong choice. You must understand that the choice is always yours to make. Surrounding yourself with individuals who care about you and are reliable are real friends. Real friends care about your feelings. They will always be there for you when times are rough because they know you will do the same. In life, we will be faced with making difficult choices. Strive to always make the right choice, for not only yourself but for those you care about.


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  1. Armaan, you have chosen an important topic. Your post would be more powerful if you added more specific examples of choices made by you or others and the consequences that resulted. Good writing is specific!


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