Child from year 2300


1. A child from the year 2300 travels back to our time. How and why? What do they find surprising (or even horrifying) about our daily lives?

A time machine emerged from the sky as a young child flew out of it in his flying suit, surprised at how the world looks like in the year 2019, where the sky was still blue, there were still buildings, there were even trees, there were still people…

Looking down above the sky, the child was petrified as he was the last child ever to exist in 2300 because of the war, World War 3, this war led to more than 95 percent of the whole world’s population to die. After the war, there was a shortage of food and people started to kill each other for food. Luckily, the child’s dad, a famous scientist, built a time machine just before he died of starvation and told his child to get in the time machine, sending him back to the past because everyone was craving for it.

As the child flew down from the sky, looking at how peaceful the world is, he was relieved, as in 2300, people would kill each other just because the other person possesses food. When he flew down to the land, he was confused, looking at the transportations cities have now, he was not sure if this was even earth, as in 2300, there were no buses, cars or any sort of transportation, there were only flying suits. He then flew to the ocean, soon realizing that there was still water, he was in shock, he wanted to drink the water from the ocean so bad, he desperately flew down to drink the water since there was no more water in the year 2300, every ocean was destroyed by nuclear bombs, there was just land. After drinking the water, he decided to fly back to the city and have a new life in 2019.


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  1. Hi Jasper, this was very fun to read. I was able to imagine the scenes in your story, so good job with creating that imagery. It was also refreshing to read in a way because more people are concerned with climate change than a potential WWIII these days. So it made me curious about what would the cause of WWIII be in your story. It would be nice if you elaborated more on that topic ^ ^


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