Brave New World Questions

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, is told in a third person view. The characters in the novel never talk to us but to eachother and the narrator explains details of the characters and what they are doing. We also learn that most of the characters are sex. Most of the characters introduced into the story are high on a drug called soma, and since most of them are addicted to it they are always happy and sex-driven. All the characters that were made in the labratory are programmed like robots to act a certain way. So, when asked what personalities the characters have, the best way to describe them is by their categories of, Alpha, Beta, Gammies and Delta’s because this is how they were programmed. In the Dystopia, all languages have been rid of in the main society expect one (English), because all other languages are considered dead languages and are not used. Though all the characters are human its easy to agree that they are brain washed in a similar way that we are. Society in our world indulge ourselves in entertainment and yummy foods while the Brave New World’s version of this is to indulge themselves in soma.

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