Brave New World PR

When I first started to read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, I was confused about what was happening. I thought that for sure we would never actually be reading a book like that, but we were. What really helped me understand the book was when we reflected on it in class and from their lots of my questions were answered. The book made me reflect on our world and the similarities and differences between them. Although sometimes I was surprised to see what I was reading, I am still happy to have read this book and had a chance to look at another world, the main similarities that I found were firstly addiction in the book you can see that when anyone felt pain or just wanted to have fun they would take a drug called soma similar to this world, when people want to get rid of sadness or pain, and also just want to have fun they take drugs such as Alcohol. Another thing that is similar is social isolation, social isolation is when people feel loneliness and isolation and it happens a lot in our world. Just like in our world people feel lonely even though they have social media and technology in the book for example john, in the book you can see that he is hoping to find a connection with a real human and not with people that are programmed he also struggled lots to fit in with the society because he was different. In conclusion, I was glad to have read this book and I am glad that I was able to reflect on it.

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