Brave New World

The book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley introduced me to the concept of utopia or dystopia. Despite my expectations, I found the book to be enjoyable. I was initially apprehensive about it since the plot was futuristic and dealt with stuff similar to the Hunger Games, so i thought it might be mind-bending. In some cases, I found it manageable to read. Occasionally, I had difficulty following the plot, but most of the time, I was able to do so. It was an uncomfortable and psychedelic experience for me as a reader to sometimes comprehend this book. It was evident that some aspects of Huxley’s writing were too familiar with the way people are acting today in terms of their behaviour. This was the most impressive part of the experience for me. The explanation was a little dramatic in nature, even though it was a simple one. There was a sense of realism in the book and, therefore, the book was creepier because of it. Additionally, i was irritated by the mindlessness and repetition of phrases that are only attributed to civilized people, as well as the constant repetition of their own phrases. It is, however, something we do as well, and we do it in a similar manner. People are always repeating the same things over and over again. It is the combination of what you have learned, heard, or have been taught that forms all of it. In the present, we live. It is the way the world works today and we are used to living in a world like that. It is possible that civilization is not at all bad in the long run. I dont think they had any reason to question the validity of your explanation if you weren’t too smart. We are also not subjected to any questions regarding the knowledge, schools, or parents that we have. This is not to say that we are bad people. It is just a matter of how we see the world in which they live in compared with the modern civilization described in the book from our perspective.

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