Brave New World

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a very fascinating book about categories in humanity by genetics and making everybody in levels and you could never been the highest level and not because you aren’t good enough but because you were just in that category and there was  nothing you could do about it. The books left me with a lot of questions and doubts  like in a future this could be my world in some ways this Is like the world im living in now and is really scary because if you think about it 50 years ago divorce or cheating wasn’t acceptable but now 60% of marriage end in divorce and at lest in Mexico I don’t know if here but im Mexico we do have categories id different like with money or you’re families last name but still and that when you know the world is changing a lot scince 1932.

I think a lot of  people now more than before fell more like Bernard  because he doesn’t  fit and I think all of us sometimes don’t fit at all and feel a little like Bernard and more if you see other people fitting in.

Something I really didn’t like was the ending it wasted that understandable  and you need some guidance in all the book for me there were a lot of words  that I didn’t understand and had to ask for them.

After all I would totally recommend this book because it makes you think about you’re like and how you can wat you’re time in so little time we have and Aldo about the future how is it going to change we don’t know.

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