During these times we find ourselves becoming incredibly bored very easily. This has forced us to come up with new ideas to try and keep ourselves productive and busy. Since most of us are locked inside of our homes coming up with new ways to stay busy has become much more of a challenge. We have things that we will automatically do without thinking when we are bored. For example, just about everyone when they are bored naturally will gravitate towards their fridge. They will open it, then it will take them about five seconds for them to realize, “why am I here and what am I doing”. Everyone has there habits of what they do when they’re bored. 

So throughout quarantine, I have been trying to find ways to be active to stay in shape, or just to feel useful for something or someone. Two weeks ago I asked my parents If I could build a halfpipe in the backyard. After an hour of trying to convince them that it’s a good idea, they finally gave me the green light. I made sure to never tell them the dimensions of the ramp I would be building because I was gonna make it 16 ft wide, which we did. So after I got permission I texted my two older brothers and within the next day, we started building. The ramp ended up being double our budget but was worth it. We went into building it with no plans, but it turned out amazing. I have been riding the ramp with my friends every day while trying to stay within six feet of each other.

Another thing I have begun doing to stay busy is working out five times a week. Before I started working out I rarely did just due to not having enough time an when did I was just too tired to try. But since quarantine began I have nothing but time, So I wanted to try to see if I could try to challenge myself, mainly just to see if I have enough discipline to do it each of those five days. So far I’ve only missed one of those days but I’m betting that number will get higher knowing me.

Overall I’ve just been trying my best not to become bored easily. Through these two activities, they have been effective but I still do find myself starring at the ceiling wondering what life is right now.


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  1. I like your writing. In Germany the exit lock is stopped and everybody can move around again. We have back our freedom but everybody needs to wear masks in stores.


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