Black Boy

The book ‘Black boy’ is about the life of Richard Wright, who grew up in the woods of Mississippi. He was raised suffering from poverty, hunger, fear and hatred.This particular scene is about how he burned his house just wanting to see how the curtains would burning.

“I had done something wrong, something which I could not hide or deny. Yes I would run away and never come back. I ran out of the kitchen and into the back yard. Where could I go? Yes, under the house! Nobody would find me there…. I was beaten out of my senses and later I found myself in bed, screaming, determined to run away, tussling with my mother and father who were trying to keep me still. I was lost in a fog of fear”

This scene perfectly representes how his life is ruled by cruelty and poverty “I was lost in a fog of fear”. It also shows us how his innocence gets him into more and more trouble, with lines like “I just wanted to know how the curtains looked burning”. Finally it makes his relation to his parents clear “Yes i would run away and never come back”, which wasn’t very good because he just lived in fear of them beating him.