Behind enemy lines

At this point in the story, Sam is still being held captive inside of a concentration camp in Germany But is on his second day being there. They wake up to go get served breakfast, breakfast that day was the most dry dusty bread ever and soup with worms in it. sams friend James suggested that they go look around at some factories that they saw around the camp. But, when they went over to one of the factories and sam, peered over the window to see inside he saw a massive pile of dead bodies and tried not to puke. They met a man walking out of the factory he was another prisoner he warned sam not to go inside. The only reason that man was in there was to see had died because it was the only way to know.

It was quite easy to get to the back of the building we wanted to find out about.There was a small brick building attached to attached to the larger building with the chimney. We looked through a window.that when I saw at least fifty naked bodies stached on top of each other. I turned away terrified.”we’re in hell” I muttered allowed. This must be hell.

This quote overall I just thought was disgusting, and it popped out the most to me. It shows how some of the images that these soldiers had to see wete so awful and probably stuck with them for the rest of there lives.