PW #2 – Basketball Game

Last weekend the school offered a ticket for a basketball game at Camosun University, so I decided to go with my friends. We arrived half an hour early, so we enjoyed the sight of the female basketball team playing their best. but unfortunately, they lose the game, after the female basketball game there was a break, and in the midtime, the male basketball team started to warm up. When we saw them warming up we thought that they seem passionate and willing to win that game, and after the 30 minutes break the game began. At the beginning of the game, the home team was taking the lead, we got excited about it and they won the first term. But we got our expectations too high because in the second term it seems that they gave, up the were losing it was disappointing because we had our expectations high, they ended up losing the second term, then we had a halftime break, and we went to buy some snacks. The second term began and the home team end up losing again so I lose interest by the middle of the term. We left disappointed. We came back to the campus late and tired.

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