I have played badminton for most of my life, around 8 years. My father had first introduced the sport to me at a young age. We would play outside our house with two rackets we had brought from India. At first, I was barely able to hit the birdie back to father. As we played more and more I started to be able to hit the birdie better to the point where I was consistent. Other than practicing at home I played at my old school Selkirk Montessori. There, I had a friend who was an expert at the sport, and he inspired me to get better. In grade five I had joined the Badminton team, there we played matches against other schools and sometimes went to tournaments.

In my first tournament, I won my first match and was eager to play again, I had moved up on the tournament standings. Within the second match, however, I lost by only two points against another student who was trained in the sport of badminton. Even though I lost I enjoyed the match, I lost the first game, won the second and lost by two points in the third, but as a result of playing this student, I gained his respect. There was a lady who was taking pictures of the games and said that our match was amazing and that between all of the other matches she had seen, ours was her favourite.

Ever since the tournament, I have improved my skills tremendously. The loss had encouraged me to get better. From these experiences of playing badminton with my father and with my past school I have developed my skills at the sport and have enjoyed every match. Through the sport, I was able to meet new people and develop my skills.