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I am 16 years old and I enjoy reading Harry Potter. I can sing and I am a competitive athlete.

WDolan_Personal_Writing “Transportation to Earth 362”

‘Transportation to Earth 362’


It has been three years since World War Three. People have been constantly talking about WW3 since WW2 ended. No one would have imagined that there would be a world war in the year 3000. No one thought the world or humans would exist any more. In 2990, the world divided into three sections. the Americas, the Central Earth, and the Eastern Earth. Each division had its own leader, who was hungry for power, and wanted to rule the nations. In the world today, it is not illegal to travel to another division, but it is dangerous. People will attack you, as they are taught to see you as the enemy. One day, someone from the Americas, went to Eastern Earth, and was killed. This sparked a mass war between the divisions leaders. The war lasted seven years. Many died, and resources were scarce.

To make matter worse, the sun was transitioning into its red giant phase within the next three years, which meant all life on earth perishes. To avoid this catastrophe, scientists came up with a machine, that will transport all citizens to a safer planet. We live on earth #618, but we are to be transported to earth #362, which is currently living in the year 2020. There we will be safe, and live in peace. In 144 days, we will begin our journey to the other earth. Those who are too old will be left behind. And all politicians have agreed to stay with those who are staying behind, as an act of kindness.

To be honest, I am nervous. I have studied the planet we are transporting to, and I must say that their technological materials, are not nearly as advanced the technology I use today. They still use materials that pollute the environment, and we were way passed environmental challenges, centuries ago.


WDolan_IRJE_”Heaven Is For Real”

Heaven is For Real, is a non-fiction novel that tells the story of a three and a half year old boy named Colton, that journey’s to heaven during his appendectomy. When the surgery is over, Colton retells the details and experiences he went through during the surgery. He tells his parents of his encounters with God, Jesus, dead family members.He also astonishes his parents when he tells them exactly what they were doing while he was on the operating table. His descriptions of heaven, (according to his dad that is a pastor) matched the bible perfectly, and he hadn’t started to read yet! He tells his parents that  when people enter heaven, they become young again, and everything about them is perfect. Those who have disabilities on earth, are made perfect once they enter into heaven.

In the quote below, Ali (a friend of Colton’s parents) was listening to Colton talk about his dead sister. His mother, years before, had a miscarriage. He was crying while explaining that he missed his sister. Ali was believing what he was saying, but also had doubts, as a six year old explaining something so vividly such as death, is unheard of. The quote is explaining how we may follow a certain religion, but still have doubts about what we are practicing.


“Ali had grown up in a Christian home but had entertained the same doubts as so many of us do: for example, how did we know any one religion is different from any other?” (pg. 130)


I like this quote as it shows that it is human nature to have doubts about topics such as religion. Even if you follow a certain faith, it is still okay to have questions. Just because you have doubts, that doesn’t mean the higher power you believe in will be disappointed in you.


WDolan_Personal_Writing_Jan 7

“Chinese New Year”

I have always dreamed of going to China and celebrating Chinese New Year. Many people would not expect a 10 year old from North America to be interested in this, but I was determined to attend this exciting event.

On January 20th, my Mom and Dad came into my room and sat on my bed. They looked like they were excited to tell me something, and that they were holding it in.

“Hey Jimmy,” said Mom.

“Hey,” I said.

“We have a surprise for you.” She took a deep breath. “We are going to take you to Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year. We will stay for two weeks and we will stay in a luxury hotel. Also, your favorite uncle Bill will meet us there.”

By the time my mother stopped talking, my eyes were opened wide and I was dancing around the room.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!” I was so excited. I was sad I had to wait five days, but I was excited all the same. Dad looked happy for me.


On the evening of the 23rd, we headed to the airport, and took off to China. After 11 hours and seven minutes, we were heading off the plane, and to our hotel. Inside the hotel there was a pool larger than life, and the ceilings were made of marble. We had a spectacular dinner, and we watched some TV before bed.

The next day, we were headed out to see the parade. We were happily walking, when I got something tangled on my pocket. I lost my mothers grip and I was being dragged down the street. I turned to see what was grabbing hold of me, and I saw something very big and colorful, with four legs and a huge mouth. After I turned around, the creature stopped and opened it’s huge mouth. I screamed and then the  creature screamed and took off, with me still stuck to it. I yelled help and  kept looking back for my mother. After looking for my mother for the fifth time, I turned to find my self smacking into a lamppost. Dazed, I found I was not stuck to the creature anymore.

I got up and went up the street to go find my mom. I kept hearing her calls, and I ran towards the sounds. But every time I came close to her voice, it would drift off into the distance again. I wasn’t scared, but I was wondering what I would do if I did not find my parents by nightfall.

I passed a market, and found myself face to face with a live squid in someone’s hand. The stranger was tall and had a big moustache.

“Nǐ zài zuò shénme?” he said angrily.


I did not understand what he was saying. He started walking towards me, and i stumbled backwards, desperate to escape. As I was walking backwards, I fell into a cold pot filled with live shrimp. Then, I got up and ran. I looked back to see if I was being chased, and look forward to find myself colliding into another lamp post. But instead of hitting the ground, a bike zoomed right into me, and I fell into the front basket. The bike rider was so scared, he turned into a car, which sent me flying into the air, and caused my to land on top of a policeman, who was guarding the parade. He quickly scrambled back onto his feet, and grabbed me by the arm, and whisked me off to the police station.

When we got to the police station, I was  escorted roughly out of the car and into the station. When we got inside, I saw on the television screen that a YouTube video was made of me crashing into the officer, and was going viral. I was pretty proud of myself. I was going to be famous. Then I looked to my left and saw the worried faces of my Mom, Dad, and Uncle Bill. Right then and there, I knew that I was in for a bad ending to my vacation, and big start to me punishments. Because I knew today they would be thankful and overjoyed that I was OK. But tomorrow they would be mad that I did not follow the family rules which are: to stay put when separated from parents.


WDolan_January 1st_IRJE “Born A Crime” By Trevor Noah

“Born a Crime,” by Trevor Noah.

‘Born a Crime” is a book about the life and hardships of the famous South African comedian, Trevor Noah. He takes the reader deep into the details of his personal life during his younger days. Most of the story takes place before the rise of Nelson Mandela, in which daily assaults were made upon the people. It appears he has experienced more violence than most children in North America, yet he seems to be comfortable in the environment he was brought up in. He is just like the other kids in the neighborhood. He dreams of getting skateboards, he loves to play, and he likes to make friends. The trouble is, he has a harder time making friends because of his colour. His mother is black and his father is white. In his neighborhood he is considered to be white, but to others he is considered to be mixed. Since his mother was concerned about the treatment he would receive because of his colour, she taught him several different languages spoken in the area he was brought up in. He could then respond to anyone in their native tongue, which would cause them to show respect towards him, and it also prevented him from getting bullied.

In the quote below, Trevor has just discovered that during apartheid (laws made to govern the segregation of whites and blacks), he could have escaped with family to a safer country at any time. He asks his mother why they did not leave, and she replies with an answer that he finds to be shocking.

“Why?  Why didn’t we just leave? Why didn’t we go to Switzerland?”

“Because I am not Swiss,” she said, as stubborn as ever. “This is my country. Why should I leave?” pg.31

I like this quote as it shows how we can still be loyal to our country even if there are several conflicts in our daily lives . All her life, Trevor’s mom devoted her life to helping her family and the community.


WDolan_Personal_Writing “The Taste Tester”

“The Taste Tester” by William Dolan


My mom and dad own a winery business. They also run a sparkling non alcoholic juice-cider business as well. And I will tell you about the biggest mistake in my life.


My name  is Karl. I am twelve and I love the smell of cider that my parents make. My parents always let me be the taste tester of the sparkling juice. My parents come up with new flavors every day. Some are better than others, but all in all we run a successful business. 


On  Wednesday, I was trying out the new bubble gum cider that my parents came up with. It was very good. Then I was asked to test the mango salsa cider, which tasted like mangos, but with a hint of spice.


One day, I was summoned by my cousin (who is my parents assistant) to test a sparkling juice. She said it was grape flavoured. Now my parents are very generous when they let me taste test. They give me a huge glass, as they believe that an individual must taste products several times to ensure that it is good. My cousin handed my a huge glass, and I gulped it all down. Normally the juice is sweet, but now it was bitter and sour. I gagged, and coughed. I just swallowed a huge glass of wine! 


“Are you okay?” my cousin asked.


“No!!” I said. It was extremely hard to breathe.


“I think I gave you wine by accident,” my cousin finally concluded.


You think!!!! You most definitely gave me wine. I could die. I drank almost a liter of wine.”


“Well the juice was right beside the wine. So I think I got the two mixed up. Besides, why wouldn’t you stop drinking it?”


“Because I was so surprised, I could not move my hands.” I have never have felt so angry. I am only twelve, I don’t even get paid to drink poison, and I am never taste testing a drink again. 


The next day, my Mom and Dad “fired” me. I asked to quit, and they said they don’t like quitters, and that is not how they raised me, so they just fired me instead. I was the happiest boy on earth. If your family owns a winery business, I warn you to smell the drink first, to see if you smell grapes or alcohol. 



WDolan_PW_”The Next Santa Clause

Wouldn’t it be cool to be Santa? To deliver all those presents and become the most popular figure in the world? That is what I thought, but soon I realized I was gravely mistaken.


One day I was sitting in a pile of leaves and admiring the neighbors lawn, when a thought popped into my head. I could be the next Santa Claus! I ran in to tell my mother right away. 


“Hey mom, what would you think if I became the next Santa Claus?” 


“I think that would be utterly ridiculous. Your father and I have been trying to break it to you, but you won’t listen. So listen very closely. Santa Claus is not real Charlie. But if you want to dress up in a fat suit and run around town with some wild deer, that is your choice.”


“That is the best idea ever,” I said. My mother has always been genius. So I rushed to the front porch, grabbed my boots and jacket, and ran down to the library. I was hoping to find a book that would tell me how to tame wild deer.


When I got to the library, the librarian looked at me with disgust, as I came running in loudly. Anyway, I went to the animal section and started looking for books about deer. I was unsuccessful. 


On my way home, as I was crossing the road, I saw a family of deer. There were no babies. Just three females and four males. 


“Hey guys.” I walked over slowly, then stopped. One of the females were coming over. I put out my hand.


“I am the new Santa Claus. I am bringing Christmas back to life.” The female kept coming closer.


“My real name is Charlie. But you can call me Santa.” The deer was right on my fingertips. I gave it a soft brush with my hand. It seemed to enjoy it. When I started stroking her back, that was when chaos started. 


The nearest male deer rammed into me, and slammed me to the ground. I guess I was touching its wife. Then the other three males started ramming into me as well. How many husbands did this deer have!?


I was jostled in the air and slammed to the ground over and over again. It sort of felt like I was flying, but I was getting hurt. These deer were not going to work for my plan. Finally, they stopped and left me there lying on the ground.


When I got home, I was bruised all over. It was worth the shot. I told my Mother, but she was not pleased.


“You what!!??”


“I was trying to tame the deer.”  It was hard to stay calm, because I wasn’t able to get my point across.


“Never, ever do that again!!!!” She was furious. 


“Go to bed!!!”


And that was the end of the evening.


When I woke up the next morning, Dad had found out about the news. He did not say anything, but he gave me a look that told me I made a bonehead move.


The one thing I lacked that Santa did have was facial hair, and tons of weight. I planned on stuffing pillows under a costume, and wearing a fake beard. I also needed a sled. But I knew what I was going to use. In grade 5, I made a sled that wrapped around my waist, and had two holes in the bottom for my legs. All I would need to do is make some reindeer out of cardboard and attach them to my sled. 


On Christmas Eve, I got into my costume and stuffed tons of my old toys and clothes in the huge compartment in the back of my sled. Luckily for me, Mom and Dad went out for dinner with some friends, and I wouldn’t have to bear the burden of them catching me and holding me back.


At six o’clock, I headed out of the house, and headed to Central park. I decided to take the forest path, so I wouldn’t be seen until the right time. As I was walking, I heard something behind me. I turned around and found a bear staring right at me. I started running as fast as I could. It was hard to run, with the bulking sled around me. I kept looking back, then to my surprise found that it was not chasing me. Then I looked forwards, to find three wolves with leashes, but no owners. They gave me a menacing look. I recognized them right away. They were from the zoo. Just as I was starting to run, the wolves chased after me, and got me tangled in the leashes. I was stuck in midair, while they were running towards the busy part of the city. They swerved, and avoided cars. The drivers were extremely angry. People were staring at me as if I was the craziest person in the world. As I was noticing this, I saw that I was being dragged past the restaurant my parents were dining in. Obviously they saw me. They looked very angry and shocked.


The wolves were running faster than ever. Finally, I was untangled and sent flying into the air. I landed on top a lime green Lamborghini. The owner was sitting there in front of the car, and from the look on his face, I knew it was not going to be a happy holiday this year….



WDolan_Personal_Writing “Sleigh Ride”

“Sleigh Ride” by William Dolan


I love Christmas. Every year, my sister, parents, and I, all go on a sleigh ride together in the snow. We live in Toronto, Canada and we always get a large amount of snow every year. Normally, everything goes nice and smooth. We have a great time, but the past two years have been an exception. When I say exception, I must say, that is an understatement. The past two years have been outrageous. I, Oscar Scarlatti, will tell you all about my Christmas time disasters.

The first story is not so bad. I still scowl every time I think about it. The first ‘adventure’ all started, when I found out I had a Christmas concert that I absolutely could not miss, at the exact same time that I did my annual sleigh ride with my family. I was furious, but I had no choice. So off I went to Central Toronto Academy with my trombone. Then at 12:17 pm, during lunch, my mom texted me and said that there was a notice, saying the sleigh rides are being pushed back an hour.  This would give me enough time to change, and meet my parents a few blocks down. So, after school (when I was feeling much happier) I went to the concert hall, and prepared for the concert, which was in 40 minutes. All in all, the orchestra did very well. Normally our concerts are absolute garbage! I screwed up on some of my music notes, but other than that I think I did well.

After the concert, I rushed home to find my family there. All of them were laughing and having a good time. I was confused. I was expecting them to be at Dundas Square waiting for me. My dad was covered in snow, and they had blankets in their hand. My mother finally noticed me.

“Oh, hi Oscar.”

“Hello?” I said still confused.

“I am guessing you want to know what happened?” she went on.

“Absolutely!” I said a little more forcefully than I intended.

“We went without you,” she said flat out. “There was another notice, saying that the rides were back on schedule again. I knew you were doing yourconcert, and I did not want you to mess up, if you knew that you were missing out. Is that okay?”

“I guess,” I said feeling sad.

Well, there you go. That was my first adventure. But the second was much worse.

Last year, when we were all leaving to go on our annual sleigh ride, we were all happily walking down the street, with hot chocolate in our hand. Then, a man came up to me and stole my hot chocolate. When he grabbed the drink out of my hand, he accidentally grabbed my scarf as well. He was surprisingly strong, and I was in the air, waving like the Canadian flag, while he was running away, not knowing I was still attached to him.

Finally, my scarf loosened, and away it went with the man. My mom and dad were  shocked. My dad helped me up an dusted me off. We kept going along the street, as we did not want to be late for the rides. They are always sold out, and if you are late, they will leave without you. We got there just in the nick of time, and we all piled into the sleigh. My mom, dad, sister, and I were so excited. Within five minutes, we were off. Everything went well until we took a sharp turn, and I fell out of the sleigh. Since we were on the street, I did not fall in to snow, I fell in to slush. You know, the yellow kind! With dog pee in it! Of course I accidentally left my mouth open from yelling, and I ate some. By the time I got up, I could see the sleigh with my family in it, turning a corner. I sprinted after it. I slipped quite a few times, and fell on my backside and hurt myself, but I got up and kept running. After a minute, I saw they were going around another corner, so I sprinted across the street, where other pedestrians were crossing. I just caught up. By the time I got halfway between the crosswalk and the sidewalk, a Taxi came out of nowhere and hit me. I was okay, but I was furious at the driver. He didn’t even stop to say sorry. All drivers are like this in Toronto. I kept sprinting after my family, and as I turned another corner, a garbage man was emptying a trash can. He was surprised to see me sprinting at him so he threw garbage in my face out of panic. I opened my eyes to find that I was covered in a pile of garbage bags, and that my feet were smothered in open dog poop bags.

I finally gave up the idea of going after my parents, and decided to go home. Never again, will I go on a sleigh ride as it is clearly bad luck for me. Maybe the year after next I’ll try again…



I find war to be a disturbance to the peace. All the aggression and glorification of war are leading to further conflicts. I find that government officials and military leaders are more focused on increasing their military power than considering the harm done to innocent individuals within their region, and around the world. When we read “Soldiers Home” and “All Quiet on the Western Front,” I found the details to be disturbing. I think the authors writing novels like this do a great job of expressing the hardships people go through in war but it seems they still embrace war through their writing.


If wars are going to be remembered, they should be remembered everyday. We should take a moment to remember those that died, and take a moment of silence. When we keep embracing war and telling ourselves we are in the right, we often tend to try and increase that feeling we give ourselves, which can lead to aggression.This leads to further conflicts. I think people should not only remember the dead on Remembrance Day, but they should remember those who died privately every single day. When we pick one particular day to remember a topic, (such as war) it suggests that we don’t actually think about the matter any other day. In a way, it shows disrespect to those that died, as we pick only one out of 365 days to remember these fallen soldiers.

If I had to organize a ceremony, I would invite anyone in the audience whose spouse was a veteran who has died, to come up and speak about their partners life and experience. I would ask them to share what was going through their partners mind at the time, when they found out they were going to war. Hopefully, these stories would go through individuals minds, and remind them that war never has to be the final answer. And if war is the final answer, we should find ways to fight a peaceful war; such as a game chess (etc.). There would be no pamphlets or readings in my ceremony, as words on paper never cut deep enough into people’s hearts like the words that come from the mouth of a living spirit. Speeches, tears, and social exchanges, are my way of remembering those that died in a war that was so dreadful.


WDolan_IRJE ‘Elijah of Buxton’

‘Elijah of Buxton,’  is a novel based upon the life of Elijah who is the first black child in Buxton, Canada (a place where runaway slaves went into hiding), to be born free from slavery. Although he may be seen as a hero, many refer to him as fragile as he is afraid of snakes. During the quote below, the narrator is explaining about how Elijah has tracked down the thief who stole money from his friend that was hoping to buy his family out of slavery, and has found a baby called Hope. They are on their way to freedom, and Elijah is reminding himself and the baby, that they are returning to freedom. Whether they make it back in time? We don’t know.

“Today you’re truly free, and you choosed the most beautifullest, most perfectest day for doing it!” pg. 341

I chose to write about this quote, as I think this comment expresses a hopeful feeling Elijah encounters. Elijah is explaining to Hope that she chose perfect timing to show up, when he tracked down the thief that stole his friends money. This quote really speaks to me; as the author is writing about an eleven year old that is of the same ethnicity as me and in the country to be born free of slavery, and talks about being free as if he endured years of pain.



The novel I am currently reading is: All Quiet On the Western Front. The quote below describes how Paul has just killed a man out of panic, impulse, and instinct. Paul is explaining how he notices the man is slowly dying, he feels bad and wishes he could help him. He wants to write to the mans family, and he experiences conflicting feelings about the action he has done.

“It is mad, what I do. But I must do something. I prop the dead man up again so that he lies comfortably, although he feels nothing any more.” pg. 221


When Paul is narrating about how he tries to care for the dead body, I find it striking that he wants to help the man, as he was Paul’s opponent. I also find the quote sad, as the details described in this event have helped me ‘see’ the scene clearly. But the thing I like about the quote, is the fact that Paul actually has some empathy for the enemy, unlike some of the other soldiers. He demonstrates many Christian principles such as: ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’  I think this shows that under all the military armour, Paul has a need for peace like all citizens of the affected countries in the war.


“The Escape Room” William_Dolan_Personal_Writing

My name is Geno. I am an architect, and I am the one who designed Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Tower is going to be the tallest building in the world. I also design escape rooms. Today I am going to test my newly designed escape room with my friend Jesse. She is my assistant and she’s exceptional at escaping from escape rooms. Whenever she figures out how to escape, she forces me to come up with a new, more challenging room. I have never escaped from my own design before. Jesse made sure to change some of the features in the room, so that it would become more of a challenge, as I know my rooms inside and out.

On Wednesday, we headed to downtown Middleton, to go to my escape room office. We were both wearing big sweaters and Nike sneakers. Jesse wore leggings, and I wore sweats. We were dressed warmly, as I had added temperature changing effects. One minute it may be normal temperature, next minute it could be 30 below zero. And sometimes, it can get to 40 degrees celsius. We had someone pass out once, as it was so hot!

We checked in at the counter, and Joe, my trusty secretary, led us to our room. The rooms are actually quite large. Joe wished us luck, and closed the door behind us, which automatically locked. We looked ahead, and in front of us, there was a large green safe. A loud voice came out of nowhere and yelled; “Open the safe!!!”

It was quite alarming to be honest. Together, Jesse and I walked towards the safe. We turned the wheel on the door which was surprisingly loose. No sooner had we swung the door open, an entire flood of water came bursting out of nowhere. The whole room was flooding to the ceiling, which was 17 feet high, and we were drowning.

“Quick, get inside the safe. There must be something that will drain this water!” yelled Jesse. And with that, I took a deep breath and dived into the water and inside the safe. As soon as I got inside, the door slammed closed, and the safe started flooding. I was scared. I banged on the door, trying to get Jesse’s attention, but the racket I was making was drowned out by the rushing water. Then, out of nowhere, a huge explosion burst the safe open, and the water was draining into a hole in the ground.

Just as we were catching our breath, the room started to rotate, and change form. Within 30 seconds, the room had turned into a halloween theme.

“Halloween isn’t for an entire month!” I yelled angrily. I realized that my werewolf, clown and and zombie robots were going to attack us at any moment. I sort of wished I hadn’t made 60 of each robot, because this room was bad enough. I had programmed the robots to grab the occupants in the room, and now I was the victim of my scary creation. Then as I was thinking about this, I heard all 60 of the werewolves howl, and I knew I was in for it…



“Brave doesn’t mean your not scared” pg 331.  ‘The Hate You Give’ by Angie Thomas.


During this quote, Starr’s mom is trying to tell her that bravery comes in many forms, and it is not always what people describe it to be. Starr is heartbroken on the day of the grand jury because she just experienced the death of her African-American friend Khalil. He was shot by a white Police Officer named Johannes Mehserle.


I like this quote because it teaches me that I can be fearful, and also brave at the same time. Bravery doesn’t necessarily mean that you are without fear. Fear is an emotion that can help you analyze a situation and decide how to respond in a challenging situation. Fear can help you stay safe, but can also be overcome and when appropriate used in conjunction with bravery.


I enjoyed reading this book, as it shows how we as a society need to continue to work to improve racial equality. We must also try to avoid committing crimes that result in senseless violence. This book is quite violent and that makes me feel very uneasy at times. If you are sensitive to violence, I would think carefully about it before you read this book.



William Dolan Personal Writing

The Sand Globe 

My family and I entered the Floyd and Dikes store. We were looking for a special globe to go with the rest of our collection Halloween globes. In the Munchkin family, collecting spooky globes every Halloween is our tradition. I am not sure when this all started, but I really enjoy it and we have been doing it for as long as I can remember.

“Hey Kevin!” Mom said. “Take a look at this one.” I walked towards her to find she was pointing to a globe which contained a green witch with yellow eyes.

“I am not sure if I like that one,” I said. It was boring. Anyone can buy a globe with a witch inside. Then, I felt this spirit posses me, and I started walking to the back of the store. I was not myself! 

I walked to this dusty shelf, and saw a yellow, black, and red sand globe. It was almost as big as my head. Inside, there was a monster with big grey horns, and red eyes. It looked similar to the monsters from ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ Its eyes were red and yellow, and it had red and grey fur. The creature was frightening, even though it was fake, and the spirit was still possessing me. I picked up the globe, and brought it back to my Mom, who was chatting with Dad.

“Hey Mom, look what I found!” I could feel the spirit slowly lifting from my insides.

“What did you find?” said Mom.

“I found a sand globe.” My voice did not sound the same as normal. It was deeper, and I started wondering if I was going through a sudden growth spurt. After all, I was 15 years old.

“That is a pretty creepy globe you got there,” said my 17 year old sister, Maria. My sister is my best friend. When Mom and Dad aren’t always around, I can always count on my sister to help me out.

“Yeah it is,” I said. My voice was finally going back to its natural pitch. “Do you guys think it is creepy enough to go on the mantle above the fire place?”

“Absolutely,” said Dad. “That is the creepiest globe we’ve found by far,”  he said. “How much does it cost?”

I forgot to look. I turned over the globe and looked at the price. It said it was free. I was quite surprised. A globe almost as big as a fifteen year olds head that is free, is unheard of.

“It’s free,” I said.

“What! That’s impossible,” said Mom. “Let me take it to the counter and confirm.”

And with that, she took the globe, and brought it to a nerdy looking cashier. 

“It is totally free,” he said. “Seems you are the lucky family of today. Happy Halloween!” And he took the globe, wrapped it in parchment, put it in a bag, and handed it to my mother.

We were headed to our brown Buick Enclave, when the globe fell out of the plastic bag and fell to the concrete. Luckily, it did not break. 

“That was weird,” said Maria. And she bent down to grab the globe, but it jumped away, and the parchment ripped off of it.  Then suddenly, the globe got bigger and bigger, and so did the monster inside. Passerbye’s stopped, stared and even screamed. Then, the giant monster started banging on the glass to try and get out. 

After the third bang, I could see cracks forming in the glass. And that moment, everyone started running away. My Dad fumbled with the keys to the SUV, and we all dashed to the car and got in. By that time, the monster had broken free, and started sprinting toward our car. It started yelling these words:

“Kevin, you and your family are gonna be dinner tonight!!!!”

Dad started the car and drove away as fast as he could. It was getting dark now. We got home ten minutes later, and sprinted to the front door. Little did we know, the monster beat us to our house and was waiting on the other side of the door….

The End.


Independent Reading Journal (Oct 1.) The Call Of The Wild – By Jack London

In the book “The Call of the Wild”, Author Jack London is narrating the life of the character Buck, a fierce dog who is taken away from his rightful home, and placed to work in the Yukon. The story is about love, betrayal, emotional and physical challenges, as well as strength.

The quote below takes place when Buck and John Thornton develop a strong relationship with each other, after John saves Bucks life. Many times in the story, Buck saves John’s life. Then in the final chapter, John pays the ultimate price, when he is killed by Native Americans.

“Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time.” Chapter 6. The call of the wild.

I  love this quote, as it reassured me that Buck was going to survive and that there was someone in the Yukon that truly cared about him. I personally think this book is genius. The story is based around an animals perspective of life, but all the feelings he experiences about breaking through and fulfilling his destiny, can be related to humans as well.

However, I personally wonder if the author meant that Buck was experiencing love for the first time ever since he was stolen from his original owner (Judge Miller) , or if he meant that Buck has never felt this kind of love before in general. It would be nice if Jack London was still alive, to get some input on the subject.



Personal Writing By William Dolan

  1. An argument breaks out at a restaurant, where one person is clearly in the wrong. Do they back down or do they keep arguing? What happens next?


“You tried to dine and dash on us! We are going to call the police,” said the waitress. 


“I simply forgot my wallet in my car!” said the woman dressed all in black.


“But you started your car, and you did not come out until I shouted at you,” argued the waitress who was beginning to get impatient.


“My wallet was hard to find!” said the woman. “It was stuck under the car seat!”  Then, just as she was about to speak, she felt a thick hand which belonged to a security guard grab her wallet and start examining it’s contents.


“It seems ma’am that your wallet is empty, and that you do not have a driver’s license. It appears that you don’t have a car and you have no intentions of paying for your meal.


“But the woman said, people make mistakes, besides I have run out of money as I used it all to support my daughter so she could go to university and experience a good education,” said the woman. 


“That makes no difference, this is a criminal offence, and you must wait with me until the police come,” said the security guard. And in moments the police arrived, and talked to the customer and the restaurant owner separately.


What happened next surprised everyone, the police officer took out his wallet and paid for the meal and then wrote a warning to the customer that didn’t pay. Obviously if this was to happen again, then she would be charged since she was in the wrong. he gave her a card to the local food bank and sent her on her way after the restaurant owner agreed not to press charges.



The Call Of The Wild: By Jack London

“And he heard the call- the call of the wild.” (pg 186, Chapter 20)

When I read this quote, I interpret it to mean “follow your dreams.” This quote is so uplifting as we get to see that Buck is finally getting to do something that makes him happy. But I find this quote makes me question what Buck’s life will look like in the near future.

During this quote, the author is explaining (narrating) Bucks happiness while he is with Thornton and how deep down he has this feeling that he needs to answer the call of the wild and go to his rightful place, free of the rule of mankind.

I recommend for you to read this book as it will make you want to pursue the dreams you have deep down in your heart.