IRJE Fire and blood 2

In the part of fire and blood when the next ruler takes power is very interesting. This is because A large section of “Fire and Blood” that I am reading is dedicated to the reign of Jaehaerys I, the longest-ruling Targaryen king. Known as the “Wise” king and the “Conciliator,” his reign starts out with conflict, when he chooses to marry his sister, Alysanne. Jaehaerys resists the attempts of many — including his own mother and advisors — to stop the marriage or remove him from power. Jaehaerys’s reign involves many ups and downs. He institutes many reforms in Westeros, from changes in taxes, to creating a comprehensive set of laws. He also deals with both man-made and natural disasters, including a famine and subsequent plague that kills indiscriminately, including one of Jaehaerys and Alysanne’s own children. The couple have thirteen children, with nine making it to adulthood. Notable among them are their eldest son and heir, Aemon, who marries a Baratheon lady, and Baelon, who marries his sister Alyssa and has three children: Viserys, Daemon, and Aerys.

IRJE Fire and blood

In the first part of fire and blood, the new book that I am currently reading, they introduce us to house Targaryen, a house in the universe of game of thrones and that is one of the most powerful houses which has learned to have dragons as allies. After the wars of conquest, it destroyed a smaller regime which was opposing the house and then it created the kings landing castle. They also introduce us to the founder of the house who si taegon the conqueror and eh expanded a lot the territory of the new house. he united several tribes under one banner and he also made a great standing power. This is shown in the quote “the iron throne will go to the man who is strong enough” which also reflects the power and will necesary to sit on the irn throne and rule over all of weteros even though at the begining Aegon didnt really care a lot about affaris in Westeros but over time and as house Targaryen started gaining power and territory it started to have to get more engaged in politics and foreign affairs. Finally as he started to expand the base of influence of his house he was forced to stablish relationships with other houses.

Story of Vazix part 2:The houses 1

House Guibert

House Guibert was founded by Vicar Guibert who was the leader of the    Smotia Empire during the battles of the Forest and the Twin Mountains. He rised to the glory after these battles and since then didnt loose a single bettle. Their main Castle is the Red Keep which is next to their capital city, Perseus. Perseus is the capital of Guibert because it is a symbol of resilience and perseverance since it was the first city founded after the great battles of expansion


House Hardegen

House Hardegen was founded after the Battles of Expansion in which the great Kingdom of Ikh came out victorious. After the Kingdom was dissolved because of the assasination of Kind Harald the Third, the several Duchies went on different ways until one warlord, Margrave Hardegen, established the foundations for the House of Hardegen which would be his legacy.


House Persefall

House Persefall has it’s roots very deep with the origins of the realm of Vaizix. Viscount Wilmont Persefall established the House of Persefall in the north and united the regions to stand against the Lord of the dead and has ever since been holding the frontier by establishing several strongholds along the Black wall and many guard towers to cover every single corner of the territory of House Persefall.


House Ancelmus

The story of House Ancelmus is the house of the East. It controls the main forts of defense against the Lord of the Dead and his Hordes. It has it’s roots in the war of the legions. Demir Ancelmus was a military general and strategist during the main battle of this war and he was the founder of House Ancelmus after the war and he was granted many benefits as a war hero.

IRJE #2 Percy Jackson The titans Curse

In percy Jackson the titans curse until the part that I have read, ,Percy and his firends recieve a mission based on a profecy and also they are tasked with liberating Athena who was captured by Luke and the General and they use her to lure the heroes into a trap and the evil forces have summoned undead soldiers who had transparent-grayish skin and they have military uniforms that are modern. There is a quote that is said when the prophecy is recieved and that shows the despair that awats the heroes of the camp since it says how they will loose people during the expedition. This shows the sacrifices that will be made during the expedition.

Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,One shall be lost in the land without rain,The bane of Olympus shows the trail,Campers and Hunters combined prevail p.89

This quote shows how there will be sacrifices during the mission and the prophecy is also true for when the hoeroes are in the desert they encounter a metal giant that was created by the titans and Bianca DiAngelo was lost in the desert for she stayed inside the metal giant when it ran away and they didnt see her again.

The story of Vaizix Part 1

The world of Vaisix is a medieval fantasy world that has been in a struggle for power for years between 6 big factions founded by houses. The first house and the most noble is the House Hardegen. The second is House Persefall which controls the icy north. The third house is House Guibert which is in the west of the mainland and has big bastions and big defenses but lacks good offense. The fourth house is house Ancelmus which controls the East of the mainland and they don’t have many defenses but have a great offense strategy and have had a long standing rivalry with House Guilbert. The 5th house is house Percival which controls the warm south and has big advancements in ship technology so they control the seas. The 6th and last house is house Ranulph which controls the center of the mainland and has big cities with big fortifications. They are the main power in the mainland and have a big trade empire. There is a 7th evil faction which is controlled by Lord Brevil, the Lord of the Dead and he has a very powerful army which he uses to raid the enemy factions and try to rise to the golden throne of Vaizix, like his predecessor, the Lord of Death also known as Dark King once did. The golden throne has its origins after the great war of Expansion between the Dark Legions and the Alliance of Vaizix conformed by the great duchies and empires of the old Realm.

Reflection They shall not grow old

In the documentary film “They shall not grow old”, the audience could watch how the life in the trencjes was actually like and also It showed the true horrors of the war and it was very similar to “All quiet on the western fornt”. It has similarities in the facts that they both try tot show how the war was actually like and how the raids and charges across no mans land were actually like and the fear that they felt was inhumane. aditionally the war was very stressful and there were always sounds of bombardments and artillery firing. In comparison “Soldiers home” doesnt describe a lot the war, but instead it narrated the life of the soldiers after the war in particulalrly the life of Krebs who was an american soldier who had enlisted in the marines to go fight in the western front but wasnt inmediatly accepted back into society and this also happened with the british soldier who fought in WW1. They were like a different race apart form civilians.

IRJE Percy Jackson:The Titans Curse

In Percy jackson: The titans curse, the main conflict in the story happens when percy and his friends arrive at the military school and are recieved by a commander who seems to be the instructor of the school. Altough he seems normal and human at first when percys friends recognize that he is a monster they start to be more cotious. The main objective of Percy and his friends is to save the demigods or halfbloods form the military school before the military men discover them and they take them away. They start to blend in and they discover the dark secrets of th emilitary school sucha s the one that it is run by some monsters who want to eleminate the demigods so that they dont go to the halfblood camp. Percys mission it to stopt he monsters form discovering the halfbloods and he and his friends have to save them and take them back to the camp before it is too late. If they fail the effort put into the extraction mission of Grover and of the demigods will all be in vain and all of the work and rpogress done so far would have gone to waste. And also if they gave up the monsters would basically have a free passage to the cmap.

Soldiers home

The similarities and differences between krebs and Paul are that Krebs enlisted in the marines and Paul enlisted in the army. Paul died and Krebs survived and they were in opposing sides of the war so the experiences were different. Some of the similarities are that they both survived the true and actual horrors of the war and they both didnt usually talk about their experiences in the war. Paul got paid to be in the war and and krebs enlisted by will.

All quiet on the western front personal response

All quiet on the western front is a very interesting novel which mixes fiction with reality. It describes how the soldiers were taken their humanity away and how there was no order on the trenches. It describes how the insanity and inhumanity take over the soldiers and make them do horrible things not necessarily at their will. It envelops a lot of different scenarios and many different character but at the end of the book it all ends with the tragedy and truth of everyone loosing their lives. And at the end everyone faces the bitter end of death and devastation.


It envelops and lot of events to create a fascinating story about how the life in trenches actually was lawless and full of death and despair. It reflects the true horrors of war and how the soldiers were affected by this even if they had survived the war they were mentally or physically affected after the war ended. Over all the book is a greta story and shows the real perspective on how the soldiers had suffered in the war and with their commanders but in a short conclusion it is written from a first person perspective and is a very deep and meaningful story which includes a lot of the tru details of the war specially at the end and during the beginning while setting the stage.

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