PW #4 – Ski trip

last Wednesday, January 18th, the school offered a one-day trip to mount Washington for a ski trip; I was genuinely excited about this trip because it was my first time seeing actual snow and also my first time skiing. We left school at four in the morning to take a three-hour ride to get there and have around seven hours of skiing. We could already see the snow on the trees when there was half an hour left to get there. I felt it in a movie, looking at all the gorgeous landscapes; I thought I was dreaming it was too perfect to be accurate. We arrived, and we got our skies right away. Because it was my first time skiing, I took a lesson right when we arrived, and it was tricky for me. Still, I started to get the hang of it, but after half an hour of the lesson, I got exhausted, so I took a break in the cabin and ate some snacks because we didn’t eat breakfast it was too early for that after that the day just went on and the hours went flying. We came back to the school around four in the evening, and almost everyone was sleeping on the way around. We arrive at the campus around seven o’clock. We ate some pizza for dinner, and I went straight to bed. The next day I got cramps all over my legs. This was one of my favourite trips, and I can wait to go skiing again.


I’m currently reading a book called “Every Single Lie” by Rachel vincent which tells us the story of a teenage girl that is in her last year of high school, but little she knew that this was going to be one of the weirdest, mysterious and concern year of her life. She tells us that her boyfriend is a cheater and that’s why she had broken up whit him, but she doesn’t have proof of it. So the year start in a negative way. But her life changed after the first day of school. She had a pretty normal day for a high school student, busy and boring. She wanted to take a break from people and went to the girl’s gym changing rooms that were closed because of renovations, she wanted to have a peace full lunch, but she got caught by surprise with an unalive body inside of a gym bag which had the same yellow painting stain that her ex-boyfriend’s gym bag.

A smear of red catches my eye on the floor of the left-hand shower. Paint dripped on the tile.

No, wait. It’s thin and watery, and entirely the wrong shade of red.

I head down the aisle, and when I squat in front of the empty shower stall, I realize the paint isn’t paint at all. It looks like blood, diluted when someone tried to wash it down the drain.

Which is still dripping …

This quotation tells us in detail how she notices the perturbing scene that now she has to deal with because she is now a witness. This book is about how she is solving this case to find the truth behind it. during her life, she never had anyone to trust and when she found someone he betrayed her.

PW #3 – Bowling Night

This Friday the school offered the dorm students a bowling night at Langford lanes, it sounded fun so I talked about it with my friends and we decided to sign in together so we had the same table. We left school at seven, the moment we arrived we were surprised by all the Christmas decorations they had put up, they were beautiful. We got inside after some pictures, the bowling place and it was nice. Because we were not too many people we could fit in 3 or 4 seating places. We had a good time even tho most of my friends weren’t good at it including me. That’s my favourite part of bowling that you don’t have to be good at it to have a good time. After two rounds we head back to school and I had some noodles with my friends because we got hungry.

IRJE #3 “loveless”

I’m currently reading a book called “loveless” by Alice Oceman. This book is about a teenage girl who hasn’t experienced being in love with someone and that makes her feel different from the other teenagers. The book tells us what she is been through to discover who she is and why she feels that way.



I came back to the words until they felt real in my mind, at least. Maybe they wouldn’t be real in most people’s minds. But I could make them real in mine, I could do whatever I wanted.

I’m not sure when I realized that I was no longer feeling melancholic distress about my sexuality. The woe is me, I’m loveless. (p. 297)

This quotation is important because here is where she fouds out why she felt that way. The moment of realization is important because now she can focus on discovering more about herself and know she is not alone.

PW #2 – Basketball Game

Last weekend the school offered a ticket for a basketball game at Camosun University, so I decided to go with my friends. We arrived half an hour early, so we enjoyed the sight of the female basketball team playing their best. but unfortunately, they lose the game, after the female basketball game there was a break, and in the midtime, the male basketball team started to warm up. When we saw them warming up we thought that they seem passionate and willing to win that game, and after the 30 minutes break the game began. At the beginning of the game, the home team was taking the lead, we got excited about it and they won the first term. But we got our expectations too high because in the second term it seems that they gave, up the were losing it was disappointing because we had our expectations high, they ended up losing the second term, then we had a halftime break, and we went to buy some snacks. The second term began and the home team end up losing again so I lose interest by the middle of the term. We left disappointed. We came back to the campus late and tired.


I have been reading a book called “loveless”, by Alice Oseman. for me it’s a really good book because it has a lot of realistic scenarios that I can relate to. this book is about a teenager trying to figure out how she feels about feeling true love from someone and why she feels that way.

I loved Jason and Pip. I loved them because I didn’t have to think around them. I loved that we could sit in silence together. I loved that they knew all my favourite foods and they could instantly tell when I was in a bad mood. I loved Pip’s stupid sense of humour and how she immediately made every room she entered a happier place. I loved how Jason knew exactly what to say when you were upset and could always calm you down. I loved Jason and Pip. And now they were gone. I had been so desperate for my idea of true love that I couldn’t in see it when it was right in front of my face.

this quote is one that I like because  I can relate to it because is a relatable feeling that you have when your know that you have to make a good friendship. it’s awesome to feel comfortable with new friends, that makes you feel safe and loved.

PW #1 – How we celebrate Christmas in my family

In my family is almost tradition that every holiday all of the family gets together in the house of a relative for dinner. On Christmas we celebrated with a dinner with all the family on a house of a relative almost ever years is on my house, so we decorate a lot. Every Christmas we decorate the same just in different colours, the best one was when the theme of the tree decoration was candies, but because the theme was candies there where lots of glitter and it was really messy when we started decorate it, but it was worth it. 

My mom, dad and grandma made some of the food like turkey, spaghetti, and the main dishes. Other family members brought sweet desserts to cooperate. We have a game that is tradition between my family, the game is about you get a random name of any family member that is going to be present and you have to buy a gif for that person, but without let it them know, then the night of Christmas you have say things to describe the person you got to give the gift and the other have to guess for who is it, but we have another game that you make prank gift and you put it on a table full of others prank gifts at the end of the night you have to grab one that you like, but someone can stole it from you if they want, when the game is over you can open the gifts that you stole or you got and sometimes may be good things like valuables things and others can be just a empty can of beens.

“All Quiet In The Western Front”, “Soldier’s Home” and “They Shall Not Grow Up” comparison 

All quiet in the western front, soldiers home and they all not grow up have to many things in common but they still have their differences. The three of them describe their own story of how bad the situation was, they describe how bad was life in those days, and all the disturbing thing they witness. They had to much social pressure on them to join the army, too much that some of them lied about their age to make them look “good”. Time passes and all of them regret joining, because of different reasons but the most common is that they were tired they didn’t care if they won or lose they just wanted it ti stop. They also describe us the empty feeling when they came back from war, nobody acknowledge their suffering, their tramas, neither their losses. People acted as if nothing had happened. They had any special treatment they didn’t felt as heroes. These novels had too much in common and also differences if you see them in different perspectives.


In loveless by Alice Oseman, it was prom night, Georgia and pip were sitting on a couch in the after party of the actual prom, they were lots of couples passing by, so they start talking about how they want to be proposed to be in a serious relationship.

‘You know what I want?’, Pip said, as we stumbled into Hattie’s conservatory and collapsed on to a sofa.

‘What?’ I said.

‘I want someone to spontaneously perform a song to the clear their love for me’ 

‘What song?’

She gave this some thought.

‘“Your song” from moulin rouge’. She sighed.

I rolled my eyes.

This quote stands out because it gives me a better idea of the personality of the characters. How pip has more romantics interest than Georgia that she sounds tiered of seeing all the couples and all the romance around the room.(p. 6)


My personal response “All Quiet On The Western Front”

“All quiet in the western front”

My personal response 

All quiet in the western front is a novel that make me feel lots of different emotions, but it also help me to understand and realise all the mental damage that almost every soldier had been through. I liked this novel because it gives you a clear view of what exactly is happening, it give you the details that you need to make clear images in your mind to get a better understandings of what is happening. “the rats have become much numerous lately because the trenches are no longer in good condition.”(p. 102) it tells sabot the unhygienic conditions they were.” “Almost every man has had his bread gnawed” (p.102).

Paul Bäumer,                                                                                                                    for me was really concerning that the novel is based on something that could happened in reality. Just imagining all the pain, all the suffer that all soldiers and families had suffered in that time, make me feel sad, confused, and even nervous or anxious. Paul’s story made feel sympathy for him, he had lost every thing and everyone all motivation of living had almost gone, after war he found war as a non sense.

He  started to realise what had he done and question himself “why?” Without real motivation in life.  “But our commanders are dead, we cannot help them, they have the rest-and who knows what is waiting for us? We will make ourselves comfortable and sleep, and eat as much as we can stuff into our bellies, and drink it and smoke so that hours are another wasted. Life is short.”(p. 139) all this paragraph made me see the emocional emptiness that they could felt.                                                                                                                           This made me realise how hard thing ge when war ends, all survivors soldiers are destroyed, I’m not talking about the physical damages im talking about the mental damages that war left of them, the traumas, the new fears. Most of can’t live their normal life because of all the traumas war had left.

That was the most concerning thing that the novel left in me.

This novels make you realise all the real conditions that the soldiers lived in. It’s really shocking seeing how difficult the things were, compare to now days.