Personal Response “Brave New World”

This book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley made me change my opinion about the definition of utopia. My own definition of utopia was the world that everyone was satisfied with. However, though everyone in this book is happy and they believe the brave new world is the way as utopia because they don’t even know another world that has families, religions, arts, and so on, I cannot say that the brave new world is how utopia is supposed to be. “One can’t have something for nothing. Happiness has got to be paid for” (p.201). These words meant to a lot me. In the brave new world, they sacrificed families, religions, and so on. They don’t know the importance of being loved, and respected as a unique person. We probably must pay something or give something up to get happiness. We cannot have everything we want at the same time. However, I assume it should be our own decision what we give up and what we get instead. They shouldn’t also be taught to prioritize pleasure, consumption, and instant gratification over deeper human values such as love, family, and creativity. They should consider their own value individually. Their opinions should be respected with fairness. The people in the brave new world never had an opportunity to realize the danger of sacrificing individuality and authentic human connections in pursuit of efficiency, pleasure, and control until John (the savage) came. What if they knew what it’s like to have a family?. There’s something that you can find after you know about the other aspect. I could be aware of some good points about the world we live in by understanding the brave new world, which is a bleak and oppressive vision of society. We never know until we start to doubt the present situation. It starts with finding mistakes. And keep chasing what we truly want.


I don’t like it when unexpected things interrupt my plans. It’s kind of a stereotype. We don’t decide to go out or do something on that day, and we don’t usually cancel plans on that day suddenly, either, in Japan (maybe it depends on the person). Though it’s important to be flexible, I don’t want to waste the time that I planned and prepared. Me and my friend planned to go to eat Japanese food on Sunday a week ago. But he suddenly told me that he couldn’t go and suggested to go to the café instead on Saturday night. For me, it was a little late to change the plan. I wanted to know earlier. And also, the same thing happened to my best friend. We complained about it. It’s okay to change the plans, but I wanted him to tell me as soon as possible so that we could manage our plans. Lastly, I want to say that I’m (we’re) not mad at them, just in case they read this.


The book I’m reading is “GOOD GIRLS LIE” by J.T. Ellison. The book is about the boarding life at the Goode School, which has elite status and long-held traditions. Though it seems like a peaceful story, there are lies behind the students’ smiles, and they cause murder.

 “I’ve never understood my compulsive desire to lie. I’ve read so many articles I’ve become my own sociology experiment. Everyone lies. To themselves, to each other. It’s a way to belong, to be included. To look important.”(p.23)

This is the main character’s inner thought about lying. Though she hates lies, she has been lying her whole life to protect herself. Her words are convincing. Everyone lies. That is sad, but actually true. There is no one who has never lied. I’ve lied hundreds of thousands of times in my life. Because I needed to. Some people think that lies are bad things that we should not make. However, there are always some reasons that make us lie. There is one point on which I disagree with her. I don’t think we want to lie. I assume that we are just forced to lie to become what we want to be because it’s not easy to get people to accept you as you are. I hate this society where it’s necessary to wear a mask and hide yourself with lies to belong, to be included, and to look important.


Both Tokyo and Victoria have advantages and disadvantages to living there. I live in Tokyo, which is the capital city of Japan. I preferred to live in the countryside before I came to Victoria because of the chill atmosphere and close social community. Actually, it’s simple and relaxed. However, it also has the disadvantage that there are only a few places to visit. We have a lot of options to go to on the weekend in Tokyo such as an amusement park, an aquarium, karaoke, and so on. I know there are movie theaters and bowling alleys in Victoria as well, but it’s a little inconvenient for people who don’t have cars like me to move around. But I like to live both in Tokyo and Victoria! (To be honest, I don’t have anything to write for my personal writing….)



The book “BRAVE NEW WORLD” by Aldous Huxley is about a future world with a system producing humans artificially, with each of them belonging to one of five castes. Though they call the world utopia, we can find out it’s not like that as we read on. The quotation that I gave below is when the director is explaining the processes of a plant and a human fetus.

Hot tunnels alternated with cool tunnels. Coolness was wedded to discomfort in the form of hard X-rays. By the time they were decanted the embryos had a horror of cold. They were predestined to emigrate to the tropics, to be miners and acetate silk spinners and steel workers. Later on their minds would be made to endorse the judgement of their bodies. ‘We condition them to thrive on heat,’ concluded Mr. Foster. Our colleagues upstairs will teach them to love it.

“And that,’ put in the Director sententiously, ‘that is the secret of happiness and virtue – liking what you’ve got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny.’

That is the secret of happiness and virtue. Is that? The sentence gives us time to come to our senses. Something feels off with this society. I wonder if forcing you to accept the destiny you were given is the path to true happiness and virtue. It might be easy to only follow your destiny and do what you were given, but the question is, “ Does it lead people to true utopia?” This makes me consider the definition of it deeper and deeper.

Outsmart Your Brain


In this chapter, Daniel Willingham denies all I have done so far to read the books. Read, highlight the sentences that I think are important, and search the definitions of vocabulary words that I do not know. However, it does not assist us in comprehending deeply. How do we know the sentences we highlighted are the most important? How will we be able to use new vocabularies simply by writing their definitions? Throughout this chapter, I found a lot of things that I needed to improve to obtain reading strategies.

First, we need to connect what we are reading right now to what we read a few minutes ago, because sentences can take on quite different meanings depending on the surrounding context. That’s why highlighting does not work. People try to focus on only the highlighted sentences without the context. That means people might not comprehend correctly. They can interpret arbitrarily for themselves. To avoid this, we need to think about and set the goal of reading instead of highlighting. Acquire the basic knowledge and pose further questions about the topic. I think by doing these, we can pay more attention, gain interest, and make it easier to input the context, even if it is difficult to understand. And we should take a note on laptop to make it easy to look up information. It should include the summary and answer one of the questions that you posed. And you need to confirm if it can really help you refresh your memory later.

I learned a lot of strategies comprehending deeply and I am convinced of all of them. They all make sense to me, as I wrote above. However, there is one thing that I thought was wrong.” Teachers are ready to assign a textbook, even if it’s boring; it’s seen as a regrettable but unavoidable problem.”(p.90). Students might think the textbooks are  boring. But, the teachers are the only person who should not think it’s boring. I think the teachers have to believe it’s interesting. The teachers might think that we don’t know their enthusiasm. But we know. The teachers should love the topics and want to teach them to the students. This leads students to learn with better environment and enthusiasm.

PW#4 If there were only one language in the world

During the winter break, I realized how easy it was for me to speak in Japanese. I was a little homesick during the break because I couldn’t go back to Japan. I have friends here, and I also hung out with them, but I still missed my friends in Japan. So I called them every single night.  Of course, they speak Japanese. I have spoken Japanese since I was born. Japanese grammar and English grammar are so different. For example, if you say I go to the school today, we say today I the school to go. The word “go” in Japanese is “iku”. How can they be so different? How much I resented those who created the languages. We don’t need that many languages. If there was only one language in the world, we wouldn’t have to learn another one. It’s easier for everyone to communicate with whoever we want. But I still need to study English because of its existence.


I found out a lot of points that I can and have to improve through this unit. The most important thig that I have to improve is my vocabulary and how to use them accurately. But I know it takes time to get there. So I’ll read a book every single day.  I should have written more details to support my opinion in the final essay. I also have another point that I can fix from now on which is producing text. I tend to explain my opinion without examples. I think the reason I did this mistake is because I subconsciously assume that they already know the premise. I need to use examples and quotations to make my opinion clear. I hope that my English level getting better step by step.

Through variety of resources such as book or poetry, I could learn about WW1 not only from historical perspective but also from literary perspective. It was interesting for me to have an opportunity to learn same event in different aspect.



The book I’m reading is called “All for You” by Louise Jensen which tells us impulse that leads what we can’t expect. I just finished reading whole this book so I want to write about my review.

Everyone has at least one thing that you cannot tell anyone. However, the family in this book is little different. And actually they are really far from normal. We can find out that the family’s terror of the worst possible outcome with all its consequences. The author does well to keep us puzzling about what has happened and is happening to each of them.


It’s displayed on Aidan’s features, carved into the lines that now furrow his brow; his guilt. His entire face wracked with pain. He has read my thoughts. All of them. Now he knows why I want it to be Ryan. A complete circle. A repeat of the past. A truth. Will he agree? I want to believe that he will. Sometimes hope is enough. It’s all I have. I wait. Teetering on the brink. The brink of what, I am not sure. What is he thinking, my husband? Why doesn’t he say something? Anything. Yes. (p361)


These are sentences when we found out the reason Lucy wanted to be Ryan. I felt like the puzzle was going to be complete. And we can see both Aiden and Lucy’s feelings from inside of Lucy’s heart. It was breath-taking moment. There’s tension and fear and also a sense of the claustrophobia of being watched. This is so crazy. I asked myself how far I can go for someone I like or love. I don’t I’m enough old to understand these emotions. But, I enjoyed thrill that I’ve never had.


There are some definitions of an ideal society. However, the world that everyone is satisfied with is the closest definition to utopia. It also leads the peace. “Everyone’ in this definition means every each person in the world. No under the pressure, no under an authority. Everyone has to corporate to create the ideal society. The final goal that everyone is chasing for is one of the forms  for an ideal society. However, ideal society cannot be achieved in my opinion. It’s difficult to solve all problems that we have to settle without sacrifice. Another problem appears after we solved one problem. Poverty, climate change, human rights an so on. There are a lot of problems we haven’t solved yet. We need to focus on not only big society problems but also individual problems such as bulling. Ideal society should be ideal and perfect in variety ways. That’s why it’s difficult achieve. Every single of us needs to make an effort to reach it. And it may take decades years, hundreds years or we can’t reach there even though we try hard. However, it is important to keep aiming toward it. Utopia fulfills its own that uniting the World role that when we start taking action for it.


The book I am reading is “All for You” by Louise Jensen. Let me talk about the scenes of the mother Lucy’s feelings. These are sentences after Lucy lost everything that she had.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.

Help me.

I cannot cope with this. I just… can’t.

The flowers. The white car. Connor. Kieron. Aidan.


I’m so so sorry for the things I did, for the things I didn’t do.

I hate you, Connor had screamed.

I hate me too.

The smell from the flowers fills my nostrils, I crawl down the hallway from them.

A spinning top of thoughts, whirring faster and faster until I’m dizzy.








Death. (p.208)

In this quote, we can see that Lucy is blaming herself and she is terribly upset.  The author repeated “I’m alone” three times. I can say these are messages for each three Connor, Kieron and Aiden. The sentences “A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.” can break our images of wife and mother. Lucy is talking to herself. We can find the feelings like sadness, regrets and despair. And the worlds “missing” “taken” “funerals” “death” express how it ruined her life. Though this book seems to be only mystery, it shows us some feelings that we do not show to others.


I have never played soccer in my life and I don’t know the rule neither. I heard that we had world cup this week from my friend who likes soccer very much. At that time, I just didn’t care about it because I’m not  into it. However, I checked the result of the game Japan versus Germany with just curious. There was an unbelievable result that Japan won against Germany. Everyone was surprised at this as well as me. On tiktok, everyone was talking about Japanese soccer cartoon called “blue lock” after this news broke because one of the member of soccer team in Japan played similar to the character of blue lock. This cartoon is one of my favorite Japanese cartoons so I was so glad that blue lock became popular in the world. Though I’ve never been interested in the actual game before, I paid money for watching World Cup yesterday. I hope that Japan can prove that the game against Germany was not a fluke by winning against Spain.

PW#2 About my weekly day

I have nothing special to do after school. I have three ASAs, on Monday I have hip hop and she united, on Tuesday and Thursday I have golf. On other days, I take a nap, do my homework, shower, do exercise to lose my weight and go to bed. I always call my friends or watch anime on Netflix when I have nothing to do. I consult and advise to my friends because many of them are studying abroad now. It is little hard for us to live without our parents, so we need to help each other. After I call with my friends, I feel chill and reassured. However, I think I need to change my lifestyle because I sometimes go to bed really late because of the jet lug and my screen time of snapchat exceeded two hours a day last week. So I turned off the notification of it. I hope it works.

IRJE3 “All For You”

I want talk about how the author handle readers’ mind. I sometimes feel like it plays into the author’s hands when I read this book. It means he is really good at expressing situations and feelings.

The figure is still there.


For what?

For who?

Shivers snake down Connor’s spine as he pushes into his hallway then locks the door behind him.


But even here he doesn’t feel safe.

Since Tyler vanished nowhere feels safe.

He put the sentence “Home” before he wrote Connor’s feelings. This word works like an exclamation by putting only the word. What do we imagine when we hear the word “home”? Probably, family, relief and positive words. However, the atmosphere is radically changed by this next sentence. There is no family in his house. These is no relief in his house. The air is only stagnant and sinking. No lights and no hope. This book uses these techniques to make my emotions going up and down violently. The tension is always so great that it makes us impossible to take our eyes off from each sentence.


IRJE: All for You

The book which I reading is “All For You” by Louise Jensen. The family has Kieron who has a terrible disease. This makes the family apart gradually. Mysterious incidents continued to occur around this family. First of all, I love descriptions of conditions and situations in this book. The author skillfully used new lines, inversion and various fonts to create tension and thrill for the reader.

I want to ask who put it there but I’m desperate for a rational explanation can hold tightly against my chest.

Someone has been watching me.

A gift from a cat , most likely, Aiden says.

But we don’t have a cat. And neither do any of our neighbours.

These are sentences after the family found the death birds in front of their house. Only this sentence “Someone has been watching me” is in a different font from the others, which gives me a sense of meaning. Something terrifying. It is as if it’s only part of the beginning. I felt it was interesting not focus on only story but also on author’s techniques.


PW#1 What is fair

Does being fair mean treating everyone exactly the same? (Explain why / why not.)

We often use the words “fair” or “ unfair”. However, what is fair?. In my opinion, the answer of this question is yes. Some people say that it depends on the situations, we should deal flexibly. But there is no ways to listen to everyone’s request. So it’s the better way to treat everyone same but we need to remind it is not the best way. I learned the differences between fair and equality in Japan. It said fair is to get what they need in order to be successful and equality is to get everybody same thing. In other words, fair is focused on the result and equality is focused on the process. It makes sense but I think they should be the same thing. For example, there are three people who are watching the soccer game. And there is the wall. So one of them can’t see the game because he is not enough tall and he is still a child. Should we give the box only for him or all of them? That is the point. But, everyone has childhood. It seems fair for me because I believe that people grow stronger through challenges. Though people in the society should be who give him a box, the society should not be like that.Do women get some handicaps because just they are women? It should not be. It’s the same things. There is no discriminations but also no compassions. If you need something, you should get by yourself. At least the society should be.

“They shall not glow old”

“They shall not grow old” gave me bigger influence than “Soldier’s Home” and “All Quiet on the Western front” because it was more realistic. There were clips of dead people and we could hear real think of soldiers and the cruel sounds of the war. And the characters in “They shall not grow old” have various backgrounds. Each soldier recounted their experiences with trying not to think about it deeply. That made me feel the war nearly more. I found that these three had same end that all soldiers lost the meaning of life and there was nothing left after the war. And they couldn’t live like us, like normal lives. I thought this would lead this title ”They shall not grow old”. They couldn’t glow old because they lost reason to live so it means they didn’t glow old, only time had passed. I learned that though the soldiers were fighting in different side, they thought same thing and they were wondering why they were fighting each other. That’s the most interesting point.



IRJE: Tuesdays with Morrie

The book which I’m reading is “ Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. This book has two characters Mitch and Morrie. Morrie was a teacher of Mitch’s university. After he graduated and became a journalist, he lost the meaning of life. So he started visiting Morrie every Tuesday to talk about various aspects of life or listen to his thoughts. Though Morrie left a lot of famous quotes, my favorite one is not his words.

After a week of this, I picked up the phone and dialed Morrie’s number. Connie brought him to the phone.
“You’re coming to visit me,” he said, less a question than a statement.
Well. Could I?
“How about Tuesday?”
Tuesday would be good, I said. Tuesday would be

I want to focus on the last two sentences because I think these sentences express the whole story. Tuesdays are the special days for them. The classes he took were on Tuesdays and the days they talked each other were Tuesdays. That’s why they chose Tuesdays to meet. At that time Mitch couldn’t find the happiness of life. And these sentences seem that he tried to talk himself. And we can find his Hopes and expectations in these sentences. No more Tuesdays that used to be boring. This moment is the most happiest moment for him but also sad memory because it lasted only 14 times. I can think about these sentences in many aspects because I know the end. Yes. The day Morrie died was also Tuesday like an irony.

Soldier’s Home

Krebs and Paul went to the war during their youth. They both were changed the way of seeing the things because of the war. Krebs don’t want to live with any consequences. It means he couldn’t see the value in any things. Paul also lost the meaning of life. He said “and even if these scenes of our youth were given back to us we would hardly know what to do. They were too young to give their time to the war. They were taken the most important time of the life. The similarities between Krebs and Paul show that war is something that changes not only time, but everything about their lives afterwards. The two were enemies, but the outcome for those who went to war was the same.

On the other hand, the have differences. Though Paul died during the war, Krebs survived from the war. So, Krebs has an after story of his  life. I feel he had harder life than Paul because he lived. After he went back his home, he couldn’t behave as same as before. He needed to lie in order to be a hero. His mother tried to make him work and spend normal life. However, these things put too much pressure on him. When his mother talked about his aim for life to him, he said nothing and looked at the bacon fat hardening on his plate instead seeing his mother.(p6)

I think this is the experience and new pain that Paul didn’t have because of his dead. Sometimes it seems the death is the end and the most sadness thing but sometimes it’s better option than live. Krebs got life and lost happiness, Paul got death and lost suffering. That’s the biggest difference that they got and lost after life.

I can’t choose which life is better but one thing I can say about their life is the war destroy everything and leave only unhappy life after it.

Personal Response

This book gave me new awareness and feelings. I thought these questions in my own way through this book.{Focus on the “big questions” raised by the text: Who are we (identity)? Where are we (environment & society)? What are we doing and what should we be doing?}

I focused on at the end of the story mainly. It says “And men will not understand us-for the generation that grew up before us, though it has passed these years with us already had a home and a calling; now it will return to its old occupations, and the war will be forgotten and the generation that has grown up after us will be strange to us and push us aside. We will be superfluous even to ourselves, we will grow older, a few will adapt themselves, some others will merely submit, and most will be bewildered;-the years will pass by and in the end we shall fall into ruin”. I found we are “that” generation. We pushed them out and made the new world without reminding them. Though we are in the same place where they used to be, it’s all different situation and environment that we have. And Paul also says that “All that meets me, all that floods over me are but feelings—greed of life, love of home, yearning for the blood, intoxication of deliverance. But no aims. Now if we go back we will be weary, broken, burnt out, root-less, and without hope. We will not be able to find our way anymore.” This means people who survived from the war have nothing left. There’re no reasons to live. They just live and repeat same days without no aims or hopes. But we have aims and hopes. And I think they should have same things as well. Their meaning of life should be telling how cruel the war was. Paul and others are only people who can tell the truth of the war.

I wondered why we do the war. Humans are standing at the top of food chain. We don’t have to care about being haunted. Then why do we have to fight amongst our own species? That’s the ugliness of humans. The war plunders everything. There is no turning back. I feel a keen sense of sympathy with Paul because they have nothing after the war. What frustrates me is that no matter how much I read, there is a limit to my understanding of their suffering as they say. However, we need to keep reading and learning in order to tell to future generation. I think it’s a good opportunity to know about World War 1. I could learn what we couldn’t learn by only taking history classes for example situation at that time or feelings of someone fought in the war. From now on, I need to know who I am that means we are humans that don’t have to fight each other and clarify what we should do that means to try not to repeat same mistakes.