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April 21 Pw

For a long time, I’ve always wanted a dog as a pet. I’ve pestered my parents about getting a dog ever since I could talk. I would get rejected over and over again because they don’t think I’m mature enough to take care of a dog yet. One day, my parents surprised me and told me they thought I was old enough to get a dog as a pet. I was jumping up and down because of how happy I am.  A few days later, my family and I went on our way to the pet store to pick out a dog. After debating for a while, we settled on a brown pomeranian to join our family. We waited for the staff to fill in the information for the pet, and soon we were on our way home. We made sure our new dog had everything it needs and left it alone for the day (pets need some time to get used to a new environment). Things were going great with our pomeranian, but little did we know something horrible was going to happen. A few days later, she started acting ill. We took it to the vet, and we were told it was because she wasn’t used to the environment. We got some medicine from the vet and went home. We thought she was going to get better soon, but her health started to decrease until she was seriously ill. We took her to the vet again, and the vet told us to leave her at the animal hospital. We left her at the hospital, hoping the IV drip would help her. Sometime later, we received the sad news that she passed away. Even though I only had her for a few days, I’m glad I got a chance to have a pet.


April 7 PW

I went back to Taiwan a few days after I left Brookes for spring break. It’s been over a year since I’ve set foot on Taiwan, and it surprised me how much the country changed in such a small time. At first, I didn’t even realize how close I was to my house until I got there. Many of the shops were replaced by other shops, so I couldn’t navigate around my neighborhood as easily as before. After a few days, I met up with my friends to catch up. We went to different restaurants and the mall to eat and purchase different things. Even though I haven’t seen my friends in such a long time, not much has changed. I still got along great with them. It feels like I never left the country. I was afraid to leave my whole life to go to a country I’ve never studied at. It was hard to get used to life in Canada at first, but I gradually got used to it. I’m glad I left my home country to experience the culture here in Canada.


IRJE: Ruin of Stars By: Linsey Miller

The main character lost her family due to five Erlend nobles. North Star, Deadfall, Riparian, Caldera, and Winter destroyed Nacea. The Queen named her Opal and trained her to become an assassin to help take out the Erlend nobles. Opal wanted to kill Caldera’s daughter first, then kill him, but decided against it because Caldera’s daughter was innocent. After that, she goes into Caldera’s room and talks to him, trying to get some information out of him. He tries to yell for help and escape but fails miserably. After getting the information she needed, she went ahead and stabbed a knife through his chest and ended his life.

I tucked the blanket back around Caldera’s daughter and left. I could comprehend killing his kid to get at him, but I wasn’t him. Caldera’s daughter was no more at fault for her father’s deeds than Elise was for hers, and only Caldera was dying tonight. -Pg 4

I think this quote is important because it shows how angry Opal feels after Caldera murdered her parents. Even though she is filled with hatred, she still kept her conscious and refrained from doing what he did. If someone hurts my family, I would probably not be able to stop myself from hurting that person’s loved ones too.


PW Mar 21

I was extremely excited to finally go home after such a long time, but little did I know it would be the last time I got to see some of my friends. With spring break coming up, I was making plans with my friends to meet up in Vancouver and have some fun. All my plans were ruined because the coronavirus went out of control. Instead of having fun with my friends and going to different places in Vancouver, I have to stay home and do nothing for who knows how long. On top of that, some of my friends are leaving the country and probably won’t ever come back. I didn’t even have a chance to say a proper goodbye to them. All I can do is wish them luck for their future over text.

Another sad part about spring break is not having anything to do. Since getting infected with coronavirus doesn’t seem fun, I have to spend my time in my house with nothing to do. I pass my days using my phone, sleeping and eating. I hope this pandemic will end soon and people who are affected by the virus will get the support they need.


IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo reads Diomedes’ notes on Alicia to try to discover more information about her. He finds out about her past, about how she self harms and is observed two on one for 6 months. She’s always invisible, but one time she lost control and tried to slash Elif’s throat. After reading through the files and not acquiring much information, Theo went to the Slaughtered Lamb with Yuri to get a drink. They talked about Yuri’s past, then went on to talk about Theo’s past.

Theo went to meet his wife, Kathy, at the National Theatre Café. Kathy talks to him for a bit, then started to talk to her friends about how Theo and she met.

I don’t remember exactly how we were introduced, but I do remember the first moment I saw Kathy. It was like an electric shock. I remember her long black hair, piercing green eyes, her mouth—she was beautiful, exquisite. An angel… “Remember, Theo? How we got talking? You said you were training to be a shrink. And I said I was nuts—so it was a match made in heaven.”

Daniel turns to leave, telling Marianne it was time for them to leave. Theo and Kathy continued staying and drinking.


PW Feb 7

During my trip to Vancouver, I got to enjoy eating, spending time with family and relaxing. I played video games for the whole four days I was here. I also went to visit my grandparents and helped out around the kitchen by shelling fourteen eggs and cooking some nongshim shin ramyun – gourmet spicy noodles. While I was serving myself some noodles, my family questioned the amount I could eat, but I proved them wrong by finishing the entire bowl.

I was supposed to work on homework and my personal project, but I ended up not working on them due to temptations. I was supposed to finish science, English, and work on my personal project, but I only ended up doing science and English. For science, I studied chemistry for my upcoming test on Wednesday. For English, I worked on my blog posts and read Romeo and Juliet. For personal project, I planned to finish my essay and the pamphlet, but I didn’t end up making time for it. Even though I didn’t finish it, I still have some time because the project is due on Thursday. I hope I can finish it by the time I have to present it.


IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo goes to the Grove, located in the oldest part of Edgware hospital and meets Yuri, the head psychiatric nurse. He also met another woman, Stephanie Clarke, manager of the Grove. After meeting the people, he goes into a community meet with around 30 people. In the middle of the meeting, a large Turkish comes in and hurls 2 spears towards the people. Elif was angry because the pool cues broke a week ago and wasn’t fixed yet.

It was a pool cue, snapped in two. The massive patient, a dark-haired Turkish woman in her forties, shouted, “Pisses me off. Pool cue’s been broke a week and you still ain’t f***ing replaced it.”

Theo calmed Elif down by talking to her, proving his psychiatric skills. After that, he heads over to Professor Diomede’s office. The room was filled with instruments like piano, violins, etc. Theo learns the people abandoned therapeutic work on Alicia, because she refuses to speak. The professor agrees to arrange a meeting between Theo and Alicia and see if he could help her. Alicia gives no emotions at all, and doesn’t reply when people talk to her. For the rest of the time, they both sat in silence.


PW Jan 21

I enjoyed my weekend with my family for Chinese New Year. I got to take a day off school and go back to Vancouver and celebrate Chinese New Year. We celebrated by eating hot pot and barbecue. Besides going back to eat, I also bought snacks for my friends and I. In Chinese tradition, you buy new clothes to represent a new year, a new start, and I did just that. I went and bought a couple of jeans, and also some t-shirts. The best part of the trip was the red envelopes I got from my relatives. I’m not sure what I’ll spend the money on yet, so I’ll probably save it up for the future. The trip back was horrible, because I got on at the wrong time and had to wait for 2 hours. On top of that, we had to wait for other people to come, which took even more time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I was told we have to go to the airport for another person. In total, the trip from Vancouver to the school took me 8 hours. In the future, I’ll probably just take a taxi instead of taking the brookes transportation.


PW Jan 7

I apparently use my phone too much. I was told by many of my friends that I use my phone too often. I thought back on it, they might’ve had a point. Sometimes a day would fly by and I would have no idea what I did. I would sometimes prefer social media and games over hanging out with people. It’s not like I don’t like the presence of other people, but sometimes I just need a bit of room. “You use your phone too much,” Jasper says.

“Ryan has such an addiction to his phone that I’ve gone to get food with him and not said a word to him on a 30 minute bus ride. On top of that, he didn’t say a word when we were eating, plus another silent 30 minute bus ride back. He just has his f***ing headphones on and is looking at his tiny screen. Also, he came to my house for like three days, and my mom took his phone away because he’s addicted,” -Kaelin

“I mean I was in your house for 3 weeks but I spent more time playing board games with your family than you because you were in your room.” -Dominik

I got curious so I went to check how much time I spend on my phone a day. Turns out I spend about 12 hours on my phone every day. In the future, I plan to spend more time with people and cut down the time I spend on my phone.


IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo Faber, a 42 year old psychotherapist chose this line of work because he wanted to heal himself; but when Indira (the interviewer) asked him why he chose this job, he lied and told her he wanted to help people. Theo’s childhood wasn’t the best. His father would often rage and hurt him. He would try to run, but his father would always catch him and whip him with his belt.

My Father’s unpredictable and arbitrary rages made any situation, no matter how benign, into a potential minefield… The house shook as he shouted, chasing me upstairs into my room.. But his hand would grab hold of me, drag me out to meet my fate. The belt would be pulled off and whistle in the air before it struck…

Even though Theo eventually left the house, he couldn’t forget his father. He always thought by leaving he would forget about his past. He was in so much pain, he tried to suicide by buying paracetamol. When he failed to suicide, he went and found a psychiatrist named Ruth. After having therapy for several years, Theo walked out of the pain and trained as a psychotherapist. After training, he went for an interview, and successfully got a job as a psychotherapist.


IRJE: The Silent Patient

In chapter 2 of “The Silent Patient”, the author uses a third person view to talk about the story. He explains the story of Alcestis and provides more detail of Alicia.

But I’m going too fast. I’m getting ahead of myself… I should introduce myself, but perhaps not quite yet; after all, I am not the hero of this tale. It is Alicia Berenson’s story, so I must begin with her.

Again, the author uses great imagery to make it easy to picture what is going on in the story.

She is naked. Her body is rendered in unsparing detail: strands of long hair falling across bony shoulders, blue veins visible beneath translucent skin, fresh scars on both her wrists.

The author revealed more detail about Alicia’s emotions, making the reader get a grasp of what’s going inside her head.

I could divine neither innocence nor guilt in her expression… She didn’t cry once throughout the trial—a fact made much of in the press—her face remaining unmoved, cold. Frozen.

In my opinion, Gabriel must’ve done something that made Alicia murder him. I don’t think she would murder him for no reason at all. In the story, some people criticized her, and some felt empathy towards her. The author doesn’t give us readers the answer to what happened, so we have to infer why she did it. Even thought I’m only at chapter 2, the book got me hooked and makes me want to find out what will happen.



IRJE: The Silent Patient

The book “The Silent Patient” talks about Alicia Berenson’s life (a 33 year old artist). She is married to Gabriel, a photographer. Gabriel likes to take pictures of half-naked or half-starved women. She decided to murder him on the twenty-fifth of August in their house. The author goes into good detail about the setting of the story, making it easy for me to picture what was going on.

Then a beam of light revealed Gabriel had been shot several times in the face… The wall behind him was sprayed with fragments of skull, brains, hair— and blood… Blood was everywhere— splashed on the walls, running in dark rivulets along the floor, along the grain of the wooden floorboards.

It would’ve been better if the author explains things like what was going through her head, why she chose to murder him, etc. That would help me establish a better understanding of the story. After the murder, Alicia wouldn’t say anything, and the only thing she did was paint.

Alicia remained silent throughout the interview…. She answered no questions. She could not, would not, speak. Nor did she speak when charged with Gabriel’s murder… Alicia never spoke again.. Alicia remained silent—but she made one statement. A painting.





I have so much homework to do. I have english, career life education, language support, science, socials; design. For english I have a reading journal to complete, a personal writing journal, and reading + notes. In career life education I have a resume I have to complete. In socials, I have homework about WW1 and a summative assignment I have to turn in. In science I have to complete a field guide. There is also a test coming up soon for science. In language support I still didn’t do my reflection. In design I have a project I have to complete.


PW Nov 7

Life at Brookes is like living in the prison. The rules are extremely strict (for dorm student), the food tastes like excrement (yes you heard me right); and the wifi is so terrible it’s close to unusable. If all these problems were fixed, this school would be a great school.

First of all, the food is horrible. Technically it’s edible, but sometimes the food make me question how people are willing to eat it. One time, I went to breakfast and got myself some noodles. I didn’t think anything of it until I took a bite of it. I’ve never had something so salty my entire life. It was so salty it felt like drinking soy sauce straight out of the bottle. After that, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. I was so wrong. A few days later, the school was serving pasta. The pasta was drenched with oil. I don’t know how they managed to soak the pasta in oil. I always thought you use water to boil the pasta and not oil. I immediately dumped the whole thing in the trash and went out to get food. The school needs to provide better food for the students.

Another thing the school has to improve are the rules. Dorm students (grades 10 and under) are expected to sign in every morning. I don’t see a point of making the students do that. Another example is our bed time. The school expects students go to sleep at 10:30. I don’t know how we are supposed to get our work done and have a social life with such an early bed time. School gets out at 3:30 PM. That leaves 5 hours and 30 minutes for us to use. If we have ASAs for that day, that would cut our time down to 4 hours. Homework usually takes about 2 hours, if not more. With 2 hours to eat, shower, clean, etc., we simply don’t have enough time to do other things. An average teenager is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. But the school forces students to sleep at 10:30 and get 9 and a half hours of sleep. Some people don’t need that much sleep, and would rather use that time for something productive. The school should extend our bedtimes so we could feel less stressed.

Last but not least, the school internet. It’s so weak I couldn’t even text someone. Sometimes, the wifi would not be working for a few hours and I would be late when it was time for us to submit an assignment. All dorm students have to rely on the crappy wifi that the school gives us. Some students don’t have data, so staying up later isn’t an option for them. I forgot to mention the wifi shuts off at 10:30. Ten. Thirty. I don’t know how the school expects us to finish the work assigned to us when the wifi is so crappy and it shuts off at 10:30. The school needs to proved us with better internet.