PW #2 nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana

Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow – Bad Bunny.

One of my favorite singers released an album recently, which I think is great, but this time it’s different, it’s more… personal. Which I love.

The album made me reflect on several things. Especially the song by Nadie Sabe, because its true.

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.

IRJE#2 “You’re taking the morning off?”

This quote is from the book I’m still reading Jane by April Lindner.

””You’re taking the morning off Mr. Rathburn?” I asked him.
“ Well, it’s not like I haven’t earned it” He said. “You have some kind of problem with that? You Like Time By yourself?”
“ Not necessarily”. I decided not to ask him why he had chosen to be my personal tour guide. After all, to me, his ways were generally inscrutable;”

(p. 8, April Lindner, Jane, 2010)

In this conversation, Mr. Rathburn starts becoming more interested on his kid babysitter, Jane. The protagonist of our story. For some reason, he has been trying to get closer to her, or even get to know her. Even though the other Employees say he’s a really good person, Jane wasn’t looking to get to know him she just wanted to do her job. And in the book, they eventually fall in love. It’s interesting to see that Nick Rathburn Is the one who became first since there are other employees that are interested in him.

IRJE #1 “You ready kid?”

In Jane, by April Lindner, the protagonist, Jane asks Maddy (the daughter of the famous Nicholas Rathburn) if she is ready to see her father, who is not at home most of the time time since he was busy with the process of a new album.

“This is crazy, I thought. He´s her father. She shouldn’t have to wait here like a servant until he summons her. 

I grabbed Maddy´s hand. “You ready, kid?”

She held my hand almost all the way downstairs and then tugged free. “Daddy? Daddy? She broke into a run into the living room, where a fire roared in a fireplace big enough to roast a wild boar on a spit.

“Is that my girl?” The voice came from the high-backed arm-chair closest to the fire. From behind, I could see the silhouette of a man — my employer.. (p. 47)

Personally, I don’t like the fact that Maddy has to wait like some kind of maid in her room until she’s called. I think that both the father and Maddy should put their feet on the ground, since it is still the girl’s home, but her father supposedly comes to visit her, I guess it is the life of celebrities. This is also the first time Jane and Nicholas are meeting, since Nicholas had not gone to his house for a while.

PR They Shall not Grow Old

I wasn’t sure how I was going to start this since the movie moved me in a bunch of different ways.

I was empathizing with the soldiers in a way but another part of me was terrified because I understand their position, they was it as something “fun” and something that wouldn’t last long. At last I was terrified because now we know that going to war is giving your life away, in a literal way.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was the age of the young teenagers that wanted to go fight. It was quite shocking to me but I guess the “war” concept has changed a lot since then.

Millions died in war, it left many veterans with ruined lives. They either got very traumatized or they just were not themselves anymore, which is totally understandable.

Something that did give me a little comfort was knowing that some soldiers were still human and in certain holidays like Christmas, they would count their dead and do friendly activities with each other.

The biggest effect of war in my opinion is how the soldiers completely changed as people. It´s hard for me to comprehend how human beings can bear all the blood, killing and knowing you could die at any second. Seeing your friends die, seeing so many people suffer, It´s complicated to think that the soldiers after that came back to society. How would you react?



My past, My present and My future. PW 1

I lived in a beautiful city called Los Cabos when I was very young, I had plenty of friends there, everything was beautiful until heartbreak reached my family. My parents were no longer compatible, and I changed states.

I started living with my grandma, my two sisters and my mother. I struggled since I had to leave everything I had known. New schools, new people, new everything. I went to school trying to make friends.. thats the second heartbreak. My mental health started to go down, and I was bullied in school. Home didn´t feel safe anymore and neither did school. My mom met my stepdad and everything was getting worse.. until Covid hit.

That was the time where I went back to Cabo. Everyone was locked up, my mental health was worse than ever, and everything just seemed horrible. 1,2 years went by flying. One month, then two, then 10. My school year in Cabo was over, meaning it was time to come to Canada. I was excited at first, then in Barrie Ontario it got worse. Heartbreak again.

On November 20, 2022. Everything finally changed, for the better. It was my first day in Brookes Westshore. I got diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and some more stuff. Fast forward to today, everything changed. I met so many lovely, people, I dont take pills anymore, and I have felt so much better than I have in a long time.
In a way, brookes saved my life, and I´ll forever be thankful.

I know my future may be tricky but I have a lot planned out, I know I want to make people laugh, and I want to do things I can enjoy, I want to finish school here at Brookes, I want to go to University in Canada, and I want to do whatever makes me happy.

My Past, My present and My Future don´t define me, but they made me who I am.

About Kendall :D

Hi! My name is Kendall Vargas Rodríguez. I am 15 years old, and I was born in Mexico City more specifically I was born in Satellite City (it’s a zone in cdmx). This is my second year in Brookes, and it’s been great. Everyone is nice, and I’ve learned so much about the language and I’ve learned so much. I would say my bigger interests include marvel movies, video games, investigating, also drawing.

As a reader I usually struggle to maintain focus and don’t think of other stuff, it’s hard for me to read because I get so distracted. But the books I do read they are usually about things I really want to learn, or I really want to know the story of, because if I’m not interested then I can’t read, and I’m not the best reader, I don’t love reading, but sometimes I do. And I also must try for this class.

I would say I’m more of a writer, since I love investigating and just usually writing how I feel it’s one of the best ways I can express myself, and I really enjoy doing so. It’s interesting to me, because you can write whatever you want or read whatever you want which I think is fun, since you can learn so much.