Personal Writing #1

Every day, millions of teenagers dress in school uniforms to go to school in Japan. However, they’re not willing to do this, they’re forced to dress in school uniforms every day. In my opinion, those restrictions are not necessary and should not be forced by schools because students should have a right to express themselves, and all fees for uniforms are taken from their parents.
Generally, uniforms are used to prove which school you are a student of or when there are formal events. However, schools are forcing students to dress in uniforms everyday. They can’t attend PE with uniforms so they have to change and change them back again after the class ends. This is so inefficient. One of the solutions is to  make a certain date that they have to wear uniforms, like how Brookes does, or announce when we have to dress in uniforms.


In the book “My name is Malala” by Malala Yousafzai, the book summarizes her own experiences and ideals towards women’s rights and right to education. Malala Yousafzai was only 12 when she was banned from going to school. A terrorist group called Taliban was on the roads, blocking girls from going to school with guns and cars. She has felt that she was being discriminated and antagonized against. She has decided that she would stand up for herself, rather than living under a unfair atmosphere. She have started writing blogs of her personal experiences to attack Taliban directly. 


I don’t want to be thought of as the ‘girl who was shot by the Taliban’ but the ‘girl who fought for education’. This is the cause to which I want to devote my life.” “The Taliban could take our pens and books, but they couldn’t stop our minds from thinking.” “We liked to be known as the clever girls.


             In this quote, she expressed her willingness to fight for women’s education nevertheless she got shot by Taliban. The Taliban were not in the favour of Malala’s ideals and her expression, thus they have decided to target and assasinate her directly.  Few years later, on october 2, 2012, Malala was having a normal day riding the school bus to school. Unexpectedly, she noticed that the route that the bus took was not the way home. Few minutes later, the Taliban boarded the school bus and questioned, “Who is Malala? Where is she?”. Everybody started to look at Malala  – And Malala got shot. Malala survived, but she had to have a permanent metal piece in her head. This has made me rethink about the inequality that are still prevalent in the modern society, and has made me encourage to speak out my opinions out loud.

Soldiers’s Home Blog Post

Blog Post about Soldier’s Home

Koichiro Sakakihara

October, 11, 2022

English A

Now we’ve read two stories, Soldiers home and All quiet on the western front. Both stories are about war and I found some similarities and differences between Kreb and Paul while I was reading this stories so I’m going to explain where and how.

First, I’m explaining similarities between this two characters. These two main characters from this story, Krab and Paul are both enlisted in the army. However, Krab enlisted in Marines and Paul enlisted in normal army. Additionally, They both didn’t want to speak about the war and both remembered the terror of the war.

Now I’m explaining the differences between this two characters. They were from different sides and armies. Paul was German soldier/army and Krab was U.S. marine corp. The biggest difference between Paul and Krab was, Krab survived the war and Paul died in the middle of the war. Krab didn’t want to but still he was able to tell stories about the war. However, Paul died in the middle of the war so he wasn’t able to tell stories or to go back to his hom

All quiet on the western front

Blog Post about All Quiet on the Western Front

Koichiro Sakakihara

October, 5, 2022

English A

When I finished this book “All Quiet on the Western Front”, I felt it’s a really sad story that describes how terrible and brutal it was. In this blog post, I am focusing on chapter 9 because I thought this chapter can describe how terrible and brutal it was.

The first scene that showed the reality of war was when Paul killed French soldier in

 his first encounter with hand-to-hand combat and shows the reality of war. When the enemy soldier got stabbed by Paul, Paul had to wait inside the shell hole with soldier’s body until the attack is over. However, he noticed that he’s still alive and he tries to cure him, but unfortunately, he died at last. Paul experienced agony in this moment.

“I bend forward, shake my head and whisper, ‘No, no, no,” I raise one hand. I must show him that I want to help him, I stroke his forehead. The eyes shrink back as the hand comes, then they lose their stare, the eyelids droop lower, the tension is past. I open his collar and place his head more comfortably.” P. 219

Class Intro

My name is Koichiro Sakakihara. I was born in Japan and this is my fourth year here at Brookes. I like to play Dodgeball and Basketball. I would like to challenge my English pronunciation which would lead me to better communication skills and read more books to gain my knowledge and vocabulary.