Personal response_Brave new World

The novel “Brave New World” from Aldous Huxley written in 1930 almost 100 years ago, shows a new and really messed up world. Brave New world tells a really strange story and interesting few on another world. I never read a book about a dystopia so I found the book very fascinating but complicated to read. For me it was also this kind of book that left me thinking for hours. Aldous Huxley made the book really interesting by showing us this new world and I really found myself in a completely different world because of all the new words and complicated words. Although in the beginning I had a few problems in understanding all the concept of this “Brave New World”, it was also a difficult English for me to read and I had to research and reread lot of parts in the book. But in the course of reading the book it all came together. It gave me a lot of scenes that left me thinking, especially the end left me really surprised and thinking for hours. I did not expected such a cruel end and still have lots of questions. For us this “Brave new World” Aldous Huxley describes sound awful and abnormal but for the people living in it, it was the normal world even a beautiful world that no one dared to question. The book also left me question about my “perfect world” and how I would see the future. By the end to say about the Book is that it was all over a really messed up story, it was very interesting to read and to imagine how Huxleys mind works. I did learn new things and enjoyed the Book when I found myself into this “Brave new world”.

PW #6

Books, most people see books as boring and never get into the feeling of a really good book because they stop before they actually begin. Books are something really interesting and there’s a book for everyone. If fantasy, romance, comedie or criminal there are so many genres you can loose yourself in. That’s the beautiful thing by books if short or long a good written book means experiencing a new world. Sometimes it os really difficult to get into a book but it is definitive worth the end. Books have something magical on them that lets you dive into another world away from reality. And the ideas of books are endless you can live through every story if real or imagined possible. Books are to right down your thoughts and imagination or to tell your own or a true story so other learn can learn and hear your story’s. Books are also way more special then films and series because you can deep way more into a book because the writer lets you use your own imagination, you do get thoughts about the characters and world around but the rest you can imagine yourself. It’s also so interesting how everyone sees a book world different and within every reader has its own experience of a new book world.


I was reading the book “they both die at the end” from Adam Silvera. It tells us about two boys called Rufus and Mateo, who got a call from Death-cast a little after Midnight. A call from death-cast means that your going to die today. The two completely strangers with completely different lives are searching for a new friend on their end day. Luckily theirs an app for that called “Last friend” and through it, Rufus and Mateo are about to meet up for one last great adventure and to live their last day to the fullest.

“People have their time stamps on how long you should know someone before earning the right to say it, but I wouldn’t like to you no matter how little time we have. People waste time and wait for the right moment and we don’t have that luxury. If we had our entire lives ahead of us I bet you’d get tired of me telling you how much I love you because I’m positive that’s thepath we were heading on. But because we’re about to die, I want to say it as many times as I want–I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”  (Page 342-343)

I chose this quote because of the beautiful meaning behind it. Everyone has their own time stamp to do certain things for example saying “I love you”. But it doesn’t always necessarily has to be said by a specific time just to a specific person. The situation of Rufus and Mateo shows it perfectly, they knew each other for just one day and were already ready to say it. 

Brave new World-¶

« Brave new World » is a book written by Aldous Huxley it shows a really neutral world where marriage and family don’t exist and babies are grown and made in factory’s. In the beginning of the book the director gives students a tour where we learn about the factory and how everything works in this « New World ». Citizens are programmed and dont experience free will or happiness even if there’s no wars, poverty or diseases all humans dont really experience the feeling of real joy.
« A love of nature keeps no factories busy »
I think this quote of the book is significant because it shows that the directors are making people afraid of nature because they can’t profit from it.

Chapter 5- Willingham

In chapter five of “outsmart your brain” from Daniel T. Willingham I learned how to read a text right and how to remember things easier. I thought I already new how to read and remember Textes but Willingham showed that I was completely wrong. For example: I am using the highlighter method by highlighting the most important stuff do the text. Researches have tested students by letting them all read and highlight the same text. Every student highlighted something else, some more and some less. So it shows that highlighting stuff in a text is a horrible plan because you will most likely not highlight the real important stuff or other unimportant things. I learned how to read a textbook and that its good it have an strategy of reading a text. May inform yourself about things in the text. It’s important to read and understand every single sentences of a text to understand the whole thing. Think about your goal and what you expect and want to know after you read the text. By textbooks its also important to connect some part. Textbooks are not that organized like storybooks which makes them way harder to read. Storybooks follow the actions and the material in textbooks are hierarchically, so you need to connect sentences you read right now to sentences you read a few pages ago. It also can help you to take notes while reading a text or research some parts you may not completely get. For remembering a text completely you may write a summary in your own words. After reading through all your notes you can make sure you understood everything. One of the most important things are also to read slow and reread the text a few times to remember and understand everything. In the end I learned really much from Willingham and I will try to take his advices for my learning in the future.

PW: Sky

The sky is one of the most beautiful natural wonders that may exist. If not the most beautiful. All the colors it shows us every morning and every evening. All the funny figures in the clouds you can see on the sky. The beautiful light blue sky on warm days when the sun shines or the dark grey clouds on cold rainy days. Just one look in the sky can change your mood for the day. A beautiful sunset can make the evening perfect or a warm colored sunrise in the morning is everything you need for the day to be wonderful. The sky shows up in many beautiful colors. Theres the most common color light blue or gray over the day and black in the night. The most beautiful colors purple, red, orange and yellow in the morning by sunrise and in the evening by sunset, which we even get to see two times a day. Let’s not forget the night sky with all those stars you can see up there or the birds and bugs flying in the sky. I love the sky and I can’t stop looking at it. Every morning when I look out of the window and see the beauty of the sky I’m just feeling happy or in the evening when the sky is getting darker in all those colors and I know the day is over. I can’t stop taking photos of this natural wonder we get to see every day even tho no camera in the world will capture the true beauty as seeing it with your own eyes.

PW: Winter

Winter is the coldest season in the year. Winter is usually three months a year November, December and January. People start freezing and the days are getting shorter. No one wants to go outside because of the bad weather. The nights are getting longer and scarier. Half of the day its dark, when you leave the house and when you come back. You have no motivation to stand up for the day or even go outside in the cold. Your hands, lips and skin are getting dry and you have to wear many and thick clothes so you don’t freeze. But there’s not only bad things about the winter. I love winter its my favorite season of the year, I think about the snow and the white trees outside. I like wearing huge sweaters and scarfs to keep myself warm and comfortable in these cold days. I love when you get home and can cuddle in the blankets with a warm cacao or hot tea. I love how you can watch the snow outside while being warm at home and I especially love the sports you can do in winter. Skiing, snowboarding or ice skating on a frozen lake are one of my favorite things to do in the winter. And of course the holidays in December. Your celebrating Christmas with your family and new years where you can maybe start a whole new era in your life or set new goals. These are all the things why I love winter and why its my favorite season in the year.  

Introduction – Juliana

Hello my name is Juliana and I am fifteen years old. I was born in Germany and live there in a tiny village named Lörzweiler. I have two younger brothers called Nevio and Robin I also have a cat and a dog. I came to Canada because I always wanted to experience school in another country and I am staying here for half a year. I love reading novels and I share the hobby horse riding with my Mom. Together we own a mare called Fine. I am going to an average school in Germany and next year I am entering High school.